The Camera Bag’s Contents

What should be brought on a photo shoot?

If you are a photography newbie or just plainly wondering about what kind of equipment a photographer brings for wedding photography, then generally, they have the same equipment for every wedding.

Equipment for Camera:

It is good to have two camera bodies. You might use only one to shoot, but the other one might come in handy as backup in case your main camera refuses to work, has a melt down, drops into a swimming pool, you never know.

Important Lenses:

You can take the following lenses for wedding photography: First of all, if you want to choose a great lens for wedding photography, you must take the Canon 24-70 2.8 L lens. It provides wide angles for big group shots, produces clear images and isn’t hefty or long. Another lens that you can add to your list is the Canon 50mm 1.2 L lens. It is a great little lens! The super low aperture of the lens allows you to shoot in darker spots without using any fill flash. If you need to capture the tiny details at weddings, the Canon 100mm macro lens can come to your aid. For example, if you wish to photograph the words on invitations or wedding rings, this lens can do that for you.

Other important equipment:

In addition to all the above mentioned lenses, Canon Speedlight 480 EX is also great. You might not use it often but, it helps in low light situations and also at times when everything is backlit. Also, a transmitter is important which fits in the hotshoe on the camera. This can be used to capture the moments of the first dance, the reception guests enjoying, etc. Somewhere else in the room, the flash can be set up on a tripod and cool effects can be obtained while firing the flash from the transmitter. Memory cards are a must. The phrase, “the more, the merrier” applies in this case. Weddings mean taking a lot of photographs and there might be a risk of one of the memory cards going bad. Therefore, having a lot of memory cards is always necessary. A reflector disk can also come in handy if you need light. Although, one might need an assistant to hold it, it still helps a lot. Apart from all the camera related things, there is also stuff unrelated to camera that one needs to have with them. Bringing gum, water and snacks to the wedding always helps. Sometimes, shoots can be long and somewhat exhausting, therefore staying hydrated is very essential. Also, some business cards, post it notes, a pen, etc. are things which one needs to have at shoots. In the end, a good bag of equipment is the one which has things that you are comfortable to use. Therefore, practice as much as you can and get better at using whatever you have.

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