Few things are as important as organization and forecasting when planning a photographic outing, whether near or far, whether it is one morning or several days. When preparing a photographic excursion, there are at least 10 elements that should always accompany you, which, of course, depending on your style, the place you go and the type of photographs you plan to take, you can expand with others of your own harvest


A classic that does not occupy any space in your backpack , that does not weigh, and that will be your best ally to prevent unwanted lights such as flares or reflections from sneaking through your objective by destroying the image. Pay attention to me, you will only miss it when you forget it at home, so keep it fixed on your equipment for the photographic walk. 


Is there anything worse than running out of battery in the middle of nowhere, without plugs, without photography shops or street vendors willing to get you exactly one of your brand and model? Are you going to risk this happening to you and stay all day watching that wonderful landscape and thinking that maybe you missed the only opportunity you had to photograph it? Are you going to miss that wonderful moment just for not buying an extra battery or two? What drama, right? Then do not forget to take some extra battery and make sure you have it charged for a while before leaving home.


We are exposed to a case very similar to the previous one. Will you risk running out of memory card space in the middle of a photo shoot of any kind? Memory cards are not excessively expensive and also occupy the minimum anywhere, so you should not save a few extras. Just do not forget that being organized is very important, and losing some means irretrievably losing all your photos. Likewise, it is more advisable to have several of smaller capacity than a single one of a lot of capacity, since, in the unfortunate case that one was spoiled and you could not recover the information , “only” you would lose a part of the images.
Make sure you carry enough memory cards with you


If you are going to take landscape photography, you will probably take a robust and unbeatable tripod, so it is possible that a mini tripod will not get too much juice. But in general, a mini tripod in the backpack is a great companion. It can save you on many unexpected occasions, and like everything else, there are multiple prices and qualities, depending on the use you can give it, it is worth investing a little more or less in acquiring one.


Indispensable in any photographic and very cheap backpack. No more cleaning the lens with the steam of your breath and the shirt, please There are some wipes-dust-stain remover-miraculous that will do better than your home remedy, and also take care of your optics. The most basic are usually composed of:
  • Air pear with brush : Very useful to remove dust from the corners of the SLR cameras: viewfinder, buttons and other joints.
  • Microfiber cloth and / or cleaning paper : It catches the dust adhered to the surfaces such as crystals or mirrors and can remove small spots such as dry water drops and so on.
  • Cleaning fluid
Do not forget to make cleaning your SLR something usual. This will prevent dust from accumulating and causing more "irreversible" damage. Of course, make sure you do it in a place in conditions (that is less dirty than your camera ) and with peace of mind. Cleaning your SLR is not as complicated as it seems and you will still find it less after reading this magnificent article.
Cleaning your equipment should be part of your routine


Although at the first drop of rain, our first impulse is to run to safeguard ourselves and our team, the truth is that the photographs on cloudy or rainy days are wonderful. And you're a plastic rain cover away from being able to do them or not. Or failing that, you are a plastic bag away from being able to make them or not And even supposing that you don't like these images, imagine that an improvised spring shower catches you in the middle of some place where you can't protect yourself ... It's always a great idea to wear extra protection for your camera, and even more so if the way to do it is so Simple, cheap and efficient, like carrying a waterproof case. 


This is also a great classic of photo backpacks, and of our team. The shutter will be able to use it in multiple occasions: Self-portraits, group photographs where for once you want to be able to leave without having to run out towards the photo and always appear with a face of fright or stress, landscape photography where you want to avoid the trepidations caused by pressing the shutter, long exposure photography, etc. It is also very cheap and takes up little, what more can you ask for?


It is always a good idea to carry the charger on top to recharge the batteries whenever you can. For example, when you stop recharging your own somewhere “civilized”, that is, with plugs, they usually have no problem letting you plug the battery for a while while taking a snack, a drink or whatever you need to recharge the batteries .


At least I hope you take UV into account to protect your goals (unless you are a fan of sharpness, in this case you should be very, very responsible with your team). But there are a couple more than at any given time, I think you would love to have on hand (at least it is my case )
  • UV filter to protect the lens unless you seek sharpness above all. Its use goes "to taste" but at least you have to know what it is used for in general.
  • Polarizing filter to eliminate reflections and increase saturation and contrast of colors.
  • ND (Neutral Density) filter to reduce existing light and shoot at low speeds. It will be useful when you want to capture the movement of a particular scene such as getting pictures of water with a silky effect.
Don't underestimate the effects you can get with a good filter 


I know that you carry your Smartphone, that your notes are automatically loaded on your computer when synchronized at home and that you don't lose anything, that if you know someone and want to sign up their phone or email you open a contact and so on. But the paper and the pencil never run out of battery , so it doesn't hurt to carry it on, you never know what you're going to need to aim for and under what circumstances. And here we have arrived with the 10 essentials in your photo backpack. Although we could expand it to a couple or three more. The camera, the lens and yourself, although I assume that these three will not forget them And you know, if you liked it, you found it useful, and you think that someone else may be interested in reading it, do not hesitate to share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google +, and as always, thanks for reading

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