I bring you a new theme so that you can go get your camera and practice your favorite hobby: photography.

Our Photo Challenge aims to encourage you to practice photography, to provoke you every week to spend some time with your camera and let your creativity fly while you practice and learn.


The concept of Fotoreto is very simple: every Friday I will propose a new photographic topic. Sometimes I will show you an example photo to inspire you, other times I will simply give you a clue or a little trick that you can apply when making the Photograph.

On each occasion you will have 7 days to participate in the Photo Challenge of the week in question, until the following Thursday. Upload as many photos as you want to your favorite social network ( Instagramor Facebook) without forgetting the hashtag or label corresponding to the photo challenge in question along with the mention of @blogfotografo . This week will be #Fotoreto111. You can participate with new photos or tag old ones.

Each week we will select a winning photograph. The author of the photo will take a book from our BdF digital book library .

When you participate in the Photo Challenge, we understand that you allow the Photographer's Blog to publish your photograph. In no case do you give us your copyright. The author of the photograph and who maintains the exclusivity of the copyright remains you.

THEME OF THE WEEK: AT THE MUSEUM (07/23/21-07/29/21)

Many of you are, or we are, the ones who enjoy as children in a museum during the holidays, either because of what it offers us, because of the photographic possibilities or because of both. As a photographer, I am sure that more than once you have been tempted to photograph a museum scene, and not precisely the work, but its relationship with the visitors or the architecture of the place, which is also usually very photogenic.

This is the time to show your ability to photograph inside the museum. You will practice composition, lighting, and the art of storytelling. If you need a little help here are tips for photographing inside a museum. And don't worry, who says museum says exhibition hall or any similar center.

Add the hashtag #fotoreto111, the mention @blogfotografo and don't forget to give your photos a title. One of our ebooks can be yours, what are you waiting for?!


With this Photograph you have reminded us of the number of different photos that can be taken in a museum. Thank you! You can see the participating images on Facebookand Instagram, so you give yourself a shot of inspiration.

This week's featured photograph belongs to Anna Sorrigueta (@a.sorrigueta) and is titled «Touching the sky».

This photograph taken in the unmistakable City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is obviously not a casual photo. Behind this image is planning, an idea, the search for the right location and the wardrobe. In addition, the symbiosis between the photographer, the photographed and space is noticeable. Our museum .

With this image we can see how museums and exhibition halls offer endless photographic possibilities, because of their architecture, because of what happens in them and because of the energy they give off. As it happens here.

We find a photograph with a composition in perfect balance, with harmony of light and colors, but also of elements. The contrast between the heavy and the light, the static and the movement.

Congratulations Anna for this beautiful image and for inviting us to touch the sky with you.

Tomorrow new Photoreto to close the month of July. It will be a very simple and accessible theme, but loaded with meaning for those who want to give much more meaning to the image. Do you want to know what I'm talking about? Do not miss the call here or on social networks!

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