Light is essential for our photos. Light is what allows us to capture photographs of objects, landscapes or people. Without light, the framing would be completely dark and the photograph too. From there your creativity as a photographer has no limits, there are endless techniques that you can apply to achieve different effects on your subjects, all based on the use of light. But today's topic is a bit different. Today I bring you 13 examples of very inspiring photographs, where light is not an auxiliary element, but the main element. They are photos where light has been used, not only to highlight the beauty of a subject or the prominence of a person. In these 13 examples the protagonist is the light itself. Look at them and consider some as a personal challenge. At the bottom of the gallery I leave some blog articles where we explain how to get some of these effects.
Natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights
Lightning photography
Multiple exposure and .. some Photoshop?
Multiple exposure
Another example of long exposure
Photograph made with the Bokeh technique
Backlight where subject and light share prominence
Effect of natural light from outside
Photography taken with the Long Exposure technique
The light of the city as an absolute protagonist
With the shadows, the light returns to be the protagonist
Natural light
Another example of the Northern Lights phenomenon
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  • How to take double (and multiple) exposure photos
  • 16 tips to get splendid shadow photographs
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