The iPad is not exactly the most comfortable way to shoot a photograph, nor the best (and let’s not talk about aesthetics …). However, many of you use it as a camera either for your work or on a personal level. The truth is that these devices, when there is light, surprise very pleasantly with the results they offer. And sometimes, if you have to choose between carrying several “pots” or only one, then you opt for the one that offers the most benefits. Or maybe, just what you like is to download your photos taken with your SLR to the iPad (and following the advice in this blog to edit your photos from your iPad. ) and lie on the couch to edit or share them. If one of these (or both) is your case, I recommend that you continue reading, because today I will talk about a few applications that will help you

I will list some of the main ones. They are not put in any order, let alone by punctuation, because in a matter of tastes everything is worth it and the one that seems very wonderful to me may not like to use it and vice versa, so I present it to you and you stay with your favorites

[divider] 1. Snapseed [/ divider]

It has been considered as one of the best applications. In the community “instagramera” has a significant number of adherents. It is an application that allows you to edit very easily and obtain almost professional results. You can adjust options such as brightness and contrast control, exposure (saturation and warmth) or colors, shadows and ambient. It offers a magnifying glass that enlarges the area you want to edit and allows you to adjust parameters at different points of the image. It has creative filters, adds borders and does not compress the photos.

[button color = »red» size = »normal» alignment = »none» rel = »nofollow» openin = »newwindow» url = »https://itunes.apple.com/app/snapseed/id439438619?mt= 8 ″] Price: Free [/ button]

Here you have a video with a trick that you will love and with which you can see the many possibilities that this editor has.

[divider] 2. AfterFocus [/ divider]

Designed to simulate the bokeh effect that we like so much of the reflex lenses when we use a wide aperture. It achieves very natural results and allows blurring in different degrees and by areas, so that you can blur much the background plane and somewhat less a medium plane. Because it lets you select the type of blur and aperture, it is not like other applications that you can only select one zone and blur the rest to a standard degree.

[button color = »red» size = »normal» alignment = »none» rel = »nofollow» openin = »newwindow» url = »https://itunes.apple.com/app/afterfocus/id506271165?mt= 8 ″] Price: € 1.09 [/ button]

[divider] 3. Filterstorm [/ divider]

It is a very complete application that is not indicated for quick touch-ups. If you have not started in the retouching you may find it somewhat complicated. It is more recommended for those who already have practice in image editing and know how to modify curves, levels and work with layers. Among its greatest “virtues” is the possibility of applying the adjustments by zones with the brush that we handle with the finger. You can also modify the thickness and softness of the brush. Another of its benefits is that it allows you to save adjustments made to apply them later to other images. It also has an image information tool and editing history.

[button color = »red» size = »normal» alignment = »none» rel = »nofollow» openin = »newwindow» url = »https://itunes.apple.com/app/filterstorm/id363449020?mt= 8 ″] Price: € 4.49 [/ button]

[divider] 4. Pixlr Express PLUS [/ divider]

From the creators of Pixlr-o-matic comes … sorry, it seems the announcement of a movie Well, that, this application is from the creators of Pixlr-o-matic. To be a free application it is very complete and also easy to use. It offers you the option to save your favorite effects or settings and share on Facebook or by e-mail. In addition to the typical filters that so many applications offer, it gives you the possibility to make a lot of adjustments and even to whiten your teeth (if you haven’t been to the dentist for a long time ).

[button color = »red» size = »normal» alignment = »none» rel = »nofollow» openin = »newwindow» url = »https://itunes.apple.com/app/pixlr-express-photo- editing / id526783584? mt = 8 ″] Price: Free [/ button]

[divider] 5.VSCO Cam [/ divider]

Another great application to edit images, with a good design, easy to use and free. In addition to being able to edit the color temperature, gradients, clipping, rotations, brightness … it offers a series of free filters and many others that can be purchased for an affordable price. The best thing about filters is that you can choose the intensity with which you want to apply them. It also works as a social network, but its camera is even better. As inconveniences to emphasize that it is not possible to be edited by zones and that many filters and tools are of payment.

[button color = »red» size = »normal» alignment = »none» rel = »nofollow» openin = »newwindow» url = »https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/vsco-cam/id588013838? mt = 8 ″] Price: Free [/ button]

[divider] 6. Handy Photo [/ divider]

Another really complete application for the price you have and that allows you to edit with ease. With it you can straighten crooked horizons to move objects from one photo to another through the basic edition and the application of filters.

[button color = »red» size = »normal» alignment = »none» rel = »nofollow» openin = »newwindow» url = »https://itunes.apple.com/app/handy-photo-mobile- photo-editing / id598565205? mt = 8 ″] Price: € 3.49 [/ button]

[divider] 7. Camera + [/ divider]

This application is not just a camera through which to shoot with your iPad being able to configure different settings, this application offers much more and at a very interesting price. Also apply filters, straighten, rotate, crop, adjust white balance, correct red eyes, modify exposure, contrast and color, focus and blur or vignette, add borders and notes, you can apply scene or flash modes to your images.

[button color = »red» size = »normal» alignment = »none» rel = »nofollow» openin = »newwindow» url = »https://itunes.apple.com/app/camera+/id329670577?mt= 8 ″] Price: € 3.49 [/ button]

With these ten applications you have more than enough to start, although there are many more … And if you are one of those who like to advance the work and instead of editing later, you prefer to capture your image with certain settings or filters, you may be interested in some application like the following:

[divider] Bonus 1: Hipstamatic [/ divider]

Ideal for “lomography” addicts and retro lovers. Hisptamatic is an application whose interface is an analog reel and that allows you to change the reel with which to shoot, swap targets or flash. Shoot in square format and reproduce the “defects” of analog cameras, such as lack of contrast or sharpness to achieve that vintage effect so characteristic. From the application you can share your photos on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and Instagram. It is easy and fun and has a huge user community.

[button color = »red» size = »normal» alignment = »none» rel = »nofollow» openin = »newwindow» url = »https://itunes.apple.com/app/hipstamatic/id342115564?mt= 8 ″] Price: € 3.49 [/ button]

[divider] Bonus 2: Photophile [/ divider]

It is an application created to order, search and manage the photo gallery of your iPad. You can add stars and ratings, tags and comments to find them more easily. It is the application to use Lightroom from iPad and as a user you can publish the photos directly with the ratings, banners and comments and use these to more easily find the images in Lightroom.

[button color = »red» size = »normal» alignment = »none» rel = »nofollow» openin = »newwindow» url = »https://itunes.apple.com/app/photophile/id576181961?mt= 8 ″] Price: Free [/ button]

I hope I have helped you and that some of these applications can be useful for you. Some are paid, but others are free. If you have not started yet in the world of publishing, I advise you to start testing with a free one first and as you take the tranquility and taste, you will try others.

If you liked the article or find it useful, you may find some of your contacts interesting too, so don’t forget to share it or like it, please. Thank you and see you soon!

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