On previous occasions I shared with you what you were the best options for Nikon and Canon SLR cameras . It was necessary to start with these two brands because, like it or not, they are the 2 giants that dispute most of the market share of SLR cameras. However, that does not prevent other brands that can meet our photographic needs and whose cameras have nothing to envy brands such as Canon or Nikon. So, today it's Pentax's turn. That little unknown to many but that boasts a wide range of SLR cameras. Then I leave you with a selection of the best Pentax DSLR cameras .


Pentax Kx: Inexplicably this camera competes with almost semi-professional models of Nikon (D5000) and Canon (500D) but maintaining an extremely economical and affordable price. If you want to give your first steps in SLR photography but you do not want to spend a large budget, the Pentax Kx could be a good alternative: its 12.4 megapixels are more than enough for domestic and amateur use, to spare. It offers extra features such as image stabilization, HD video recording, and 11 focus points that will help you focus on any subject with fulminating speed. | See price in the Fnac .
Photograph of pimbert under Creative Commons License
Pentax Kr: Very similar to the Kx, the Pentax Kr offers similar characteristics in addition to an amplified ISO range that can reach up to 25,600. It also highlights its speed when shooting an image, reaching up to 6 fps (photos per second). Its double battery system draws attention, so you can use it with its rechargeable battery, and if you run out of battery and do not have a charger nearby, you put normal batteries and AA batteries and go. | Check price of the Pentax Kr at the Fnac .
Photograph by Kevin Gebhardt under Creative Commons License
Pentax K-7: Here we have already begun to move on a more advanced track, which makes the price a bit more expensive compared to the two previous cameras but is still very economical. The Pentax K-7 is comparable to the Nikon D90 and among its features we find a resolution of 14.6 megapixels, HD video recording, LCD screen with LiveView. The camera is resistant to cold and severe weather conditions. It also boasts curious functions (little seen in other cameras) such as the HDR photo capture mode inside the camera, electronic level, correction of aberrations and lens distortions, etc. | Check sale price online at the Fnac .
Photography seen in Pauldangcil
Pentax K-5: This is a recent premiere of Pentax. An all-terrain besial, equipped with 16.3 megapixels, a huge ISO range (from 80 to 51,200). In burst shooting mode the K-5 can reach a shooting speed of 7 fps (photos per second), and its video recording is Full HD (1080p) with the possibility of connecting stereo external microphone. The camera competes directly with the Nikon D7000 but retains a still decent and affordable price. Without doubt an option to contemplate if you are one of the most demanding. | To see price here .
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As you can see, Pentax is the typical camera in which one thinks when we talk about SLR photography at affordable prices. Those of Pentax have, however, managed to maintain a level of quality more than acceptable in the SLR cameras they manufacture. For example, they offer you 12 or 14 megapixels (enough) at an economical price, better than other manufacturers that offer you 18 megapixels at a prohibitive price. I invite you to read this article if you want to know more about some of the great myths and deceptions of the manufacturers of digital cameras. Meanwhile, happy shopping. If you liked this article or do you think a friend may be interested out there please do not hesitate to share it through Twitter or Facebook. We will both be very grateful

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