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Camera Megapixels and More

What does make a picture more relevant than the others? Is it the light which is illuminated in the image? Are those the angles which are present in the image? Or is there something more to it?

If you follow the recent trend in commercial photography, you might come across people’s obsession with megapixels and high resolution. You might have even asked yourself – are those the megapixels which make an image significant? Does a camera with the low resolution of megapixels produce an inferior image?

Here, we will try and tackle every question about megapixels to determine if they are the ultimate source of obtaining a good photograph.


What are megapixels?

A megapixel can be literally defined as a collection of millions of pixels. However, in photography, the term is usually used to denote the size of an image. if you into editorial photography, you might be already familiar with the term “pixel”.  A megapixel is a collection of these pixels.

When we talk about it in terms of photo and say that an image is 100 megapixels, we generally mean that the total image contains 100 megapixels in total. The more pixels there are in an image, the clearer will it be in viewing.

If you ever zoomed an image and saw the distortion of an image, it is due to enlargement of pixels.


Effect of megapixels on a photograph

There is a myth in the market which states that having more megapixels will result in a better quality of a picture. While it is true to a great extent, it is not a concentrate truth.

Wedding photographs taken in heavy megapixels might be sold for a heavier price, however, it does not make these images better than any other. There is a maximum quantity of megapixels which makes an image HD, after that, adding more pixels will not help improve the image.

If a picture requires 1000 megapixels, then adding 2000 megapixels will not help your image. The best you can expect is to increase the size of the picture or to make it more destructible to editing software. However, it will also increase the editing time requires to edit.

If you zoom on a picture an image present on photo sites, it will be the pixels which decide whether the picture will be clear or blurry. It will help you in editing but as far as the original photograph is involved, there will be no problem even if your image is a few pixels short.


The Megapixel and the camera companies

If you get to know that your wedding photos are in high pixels, you will surely agree to pay more for them. That is what marketing companies count on when they launch new camera models in the market.

Earlier, cameras lacked a good resolution of megapixels. Almost every brand which sells cameras in the market is guilty of this crime.  Every year, cameras with more and more megapixels are launched into the market with a plot to make people buy them.

The only time you need heavy megapixels is when you need very large photography prints for your business. Otherwise, even a photograph of 10 megapixels would give you crystal clear print.

Don’t be influenced by the sweet words of these camera companies. If you decide to buy a new camera, check for other factors. Don’t focus on megapixels.


How to change the pixel setting

Digital cameras allow you to change the pixel settings for a camera. You can take an image in low resolution and also in high resolution. The panel for changing pixel is present in the setting menu of the camera. Cameras usually come with a fixed pixel setting which can be changed. Usually, the cameras have been set up to allow the pictures of the highest resolution.

It will help you change settings for when you take a picture outside or when you try jewellery photography. Changing pixel setting according to the situation will help you save space and editing time. Compromise where you can on the pixel setting and don’t get caught up in the trend. Consider other factors first before you get to the megapixel category.


Ending thoughts

There is no need to focus fully on megapixels. Although they make our picture better, they don’t make it perfect. You have other methods to achieve a great image. Sometimes, these imperfections are what does make a picture better in the eyes of people. Hopefully, you have learned something here and will apply it in practical usage.

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