It seems that you are looking for a camera to get started and go a little further. The Canon 760D is somewhat obsolete, but don't miss the Canon 800D that comes to improve it. We review it here  . If you are looking for a new camera, yours is too short (or it has broken), you have money that burns in your pocket or you have an irreparable need for change, you are in the right place. Today I add a new model to our list of opinions on cameras . It is the 760D camera that Canon presented in February 2015 at the same time as the 750D and which by the way are quite similar. The 760D, which is what I'm going to tell you about, is a camera with the essence of the 700D intact, although it incorporates some new features (without big fuss, of course).

Packaging content
We could say that it is between the highest step of the cameras for beginners and the lowest of the cameras of advanced amateur level. Its quality in general is very good, although you should never be carried away by appearances and the desire for novelty, better analyze step by step what you have in front to decide if it is the best option for you, remember, there is no best camera There is the camera that best suits you, the one that best meets your needs and the one that you can get the most from.


I have already given you the clues, but this camera is designed for beginners for its easy handling but especially for those who are going to take a little more step or need to take it now. Although this is its main audience, it is a high-quality camera that can also be used by advanced amateurs without being disappointed. Very suitable for those who like to share their photos instantly and for those who want to record video .


They are not great news, rather small details, but there are some :
  • the change of the 4 rear buttons on a wheel (which many top-end models present) and that makes handling more comfortable.
Back view
  • It incorporates a small upper screen to adjust the values without having to open the screen.
These two small changes mean faster and more comfortable handling. Although they have also forced Canon to make other changes, such as having to move the mode dial to the left side , and by the way also the lock button to avoid accidentally touching it. Perhaps the most important innovation in this range is that they have moved to 19 focus points , in addition to "cross type", which means that they are more accurate when focusing because they use information in two dimensions.


    • Discreet, comfortable and solid construction.
    • Rough body texture that helps better grip.
    • 24 megapixels , which means you can make magnifications up to 50.9 x 34 cm in excellent quality.
    • The screen is the same as the 700D's (one of its strong points), it can move and rotate at almost any angle, so you can now shoot from the ground itself almost effortlessly and from other difficult angles. The tactile one allows you to focus quickly and easily on the point you want in the image. You can also look through the viewfinder, but it still offers 95% coverage, yes, it is almost 100% but there are others that do offer 100%. A detail for the most demanding Ah! The camera has a sensor that turns off the screen when you look through the viewfinder.
    • APS-C size CMOS sensor , now in Spanish: it is a new sensor that although it is not Full Frame, translates, in Canon's words, “ that images maintain a higher contrast and detail in shadows and highs lights. The subtle details of color and light are accurately reproduced. Large pixels also collect light more efficiently, responding with greater sensitivity to low light conditions. " And, to summarize a lot, because although it is not full frame, the general quality is very good to be a camera for beginners or amateurs.
    • Shooting speed of 5 frames per second.
    • 25,600 ISO , up to 3,200 noise is not appreciable at all.
  • STM engine. It is a very quiet focusing motor that is very useful when recording videos because it reduces the background noise a lot. You can see it very clearly in this video in which this engine is compared to another that is supposedly better.
    • Record videos in Full HD. The best thing about this option is that you can blur the background in the videos and gently track the subject so that it is in focus even if it moves and the background is not. This effect with a «cinematographic » air is thanks to the AF CMOS Hybrid III autofocus , yes, I know, a very ugly «word», that's why I told you first what I was doing;) that at some point your brain has retained it, mine is not capable; P).
  • Detection of light flicker. Flickering lights like a fluorescent light bulb can cause inconsistencies in brightness and color in shots. This camera can detect these conditions and synchronize each shot with the brightest moment of the flickering light source for consistent results. Look at the following photo to see it more clearly:
Blink light detection
    • Configurable menu to customize the shortcuts you use the most.
    • Connections: external microphone or headphones to monitor audio.
    • Wi-fi and NFC. This means that with a single touch you can transfer your images to your smartphone, tablet or your Canon Connect Station . You can also instantly share your photos on your favorite social networks. Perfect for bloggers and lovers of Facebook, Instagram or the like The Wi-fi system also allows you to wirelessly print at home directly from the camera.
      Display of formats
    • You have creative video modes: the Miniature Effect and HDR.
  • You have the possibility to view different formats before shooting.
  • Available a guide application of this camera for iOS or Android.


    • It does not have a Dual Pixel CMOS AF focus motor, which already incorporates other models of the brand such as the Canon 70D. What's the use of this ugly name thing? Especially for video, so that when the moving subject passes a plane, it quickly refocuses and the subject continues to appear very sharp. But I remind you that it has the AF CMOS Hybrid III autofocus that can help you, although it is not as accurate as the latter. If you are not a professional, I do not think it is a very important impediment.
  • It is not sealed for dust and water, so if you are from extreme sports, water and desert travel, this is not your camera


Today you can find it on Amazon for about 700 euros approximately . Although it is difficult for me to recognize it, after many purchases of very diverse items, I have to say that Amazon gives the best service by far. As for returns I do not know, because I have not had the need, but as for delivery, speed, etc., there is no color.


When we talk about cameras for user level, it does not matter the sensors, the focus motors or those technicalities that do nothing but scare or impress us. What really matters is the result, what you can get with them, what photos you can take when you have it in your hands. So I leave you a gallery of images, they are all by Susanne Nilsson


Choosing a camera is not easy, once again I repeat (or we repeat) that there is no perfect camera, but the most suitable for you. Our advice is that you compare different cameras, that you look in different establishments to compare prices and that you do not take the decision lightly. That is why I recommend that you take a look at these 15 Articles to Help You Get the Right Purchase for your Next Camera , that you avoid making one of these 8 Common Errors when Buying a SLR Camera and of course, if you do not have Of course, if you need to change your SLR or not, it may help to know how to overcome the limitations of your SLR camera . If you found this article useful, clear and helpful, I ask you to help me by liking it or by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I will be eternally grateful to you!
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