The network has been flooded with aerial photographs that leave you breathless. The least they usually cause is a ” Woooow!” And they are so fascinating that it is difficult not to succumb to their charm. A few years ago, getting an aerial photograph was only available to a privileged few who furrowed the skies. Now, with drones everything is much easier and affordable. In fact, it has become so popular that finding these photos is almost our daily bread. Although, let’s face it, they’re still hallucinating us, right?

And that makes you feel a terrible desire to get a drone, that there are many types and prices, and launch you to capture snapshots from the heights.

From here we encourage you to do so. It can be an incredible task to enjoy a lot. Now, better first read these tips because if not, the flight experience can turn into a plummet. In a figurative and also literal sense.

We are going to have to get used to living with them, let’s learn to use them 


I will start here because I think it is one of the most important and probably least thought points. And not taking it into account can bring you much more serious problems than not getting the picture you want.

Before flying any drone, it is important that you know what are the laws that regulate airspace and the use of drones. For example, in Spain, this issue is regulated by the AESA (State Air Safety Agency). Here a small summary of the rules in this country.

Rules in Spain on the flight of drones

Each country has its own regulation, in some it is more restrictive or more advanced in terms of implementation, in others they are still working on it, there are others with more gaps, etc. Therefore, it is very important that, before launching a drone, you inform yourself of the laws or regulations of the place where you intend to do so. Go take pictures with him or not;).

On the other hand, and as you can see in the previous image, it is not the same as going to give it a recreational or professional use. When it comes to informing you, keep this in mind.

Before continuing, I will make a little clarification, because you have probably read about RPAS and are wondering what it means:

  • Drone: colloquial way of calling any unmanned ship.
  • UAV: “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” or what is the same, unmanned aerial vehicle (autonomous or remotely piloted). When it includes its associated system it is called UAS.
  • RPA: “Remotely Piloted Aircraft” , remotely piloted aerial vehicles. If it includes the associated system (such as the control station) it is called RPAS.

This is merely informative, in case you see the acronym and do not know what it means, it is not necessary for you to take a master’s degree in the subject;).


Security is closely linked to the previous point. You are responsible for your drone and for any damages you may cause with it, personal or material. Therefore it is very important to respect the rules and be extremely careful.

You are solely responsible for the drone


Once you are clear that you have to start taking into account safety and standards, you can start thinking about what drone to use to take your photographs from the air. This topic is also a bit to think about, because as much as you give yourself the budget to spend 500 euros on a drone, to begin with, it is highly recommended that you acquire a cheap drone with which to practice and that it does not hurt if you star it. Because this is very likely to happen if you have no experience. Then, if you like them and catch the trick of that of the remote flight, you can launch yourself to another device that best meets your technical requirements as far as photography is concerned.


Potensic Mini Drone. Small and light, quite resistant to falls and easy to use. Battery life about 5 minutes. Ideal for younger flyers .

Potensic Drone with HD Camera, Mini Drone with Gravity Induction Mode, 2.4G WiFi FPV, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, One Takeoff and Landing Key, Gift Toys, A20W Black * – Toy

Price: (price not available at this time)

(As of: 2020/02/01 8:28 am – Details)
0 new 1 2nd hand from € 36.12
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Syma X5C . Economical, easy to repair and find parts. The battery has a bit more autonomy than the previous one and is also easy to handle. As for price quality, the relationship is unbeatable. Video duration approximately 10 minutes.

Syma- x5 X5C-1 2.4G HD Quadcopter RTF RC Helicopter with 2.0 MP camera, Color, 14 Years and up (BJ825) * – Toy

Price: (price not available at this time)

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You will keep it out of reach of children, it is not the first thing you fly, you want the application in Spanish and you are looking for value for money. Watch this:

DJI Ryze Very good stability, you can fly indoors and record photo and video, although it does not carry a memory card.

Ryze DJI Tello – Mini drone ideal for short videos with EZ jacks, VR glasses and compatibility with gaming devices, 720p HD transmission and 100 meter range * – Toy
From Dji (Designer)

Price: € 96.99

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Once you have practiced with a cheap drone and crashed it a few times, if the bug still bites you, you want more and the budget comes to you, check out one of these:

Potensic T25 GPS Drone Auto return and tracking function, 1080P camera , or 9-axis gyrospace.

Potensic T25 GPS Drone, FPV RC Drone with 1080P HD WiFi Camera Live Video, Automatic Home Return, Altitude Control, Follow Me, with 2 Batteries and Briefcase * – Toy

Price: € 189.99

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Ok, you already have the controlled flight, you are an experienced crew member and, in addition, for whatever reasons, you need professional quality. Your drone may be one of these:

DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo. Three-axis stabilizer, 4K video at 30 fps, easy to use. 12 MP camera that also shoots in RAW. Maximum speed of 64 km / h, flies up to 7 km. A marvel.

DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo – Quadcopter drone (4 k / 30 fps, 12mpx, 65 km / h, 27 minutes, + 8 accessories) black * – Electronics

Price: (price not available at this time)

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DJI Mavic Pro. About 30 minutes of flight, stabilized camera that records videos in 4k. It is the favorite of many photographers and filmmakers. If you want to record on video this is probably one of your best options.

  • Platinum
DJI Mavic Pro – Quadcopter drone (4 k / 30 fps, 12mpx, 65 km / h, 27 minutes) black * – Electronics

Price: € 797.67

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  • Black
DJI Mavic Pro – Quadcopter drone (4 k / 30 fps, 12mpx, 65 km / h, 27 minutes) black * – Electronics

Price: € 797.67

(As of: 2020/02/01 8:28 am – Details)
1 new from € 797.67 24 Second hand from € 701.95
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These are just some ideas, search compare and find yours. But remember that the most expensive is not always the best, but the one that meets your needs adapting to your budget. Do not want to start the house on the roof .


Now some general tips to introduce you to the drone world.

  1. As I have already told you, when it comes to buying, better first one cheaper to practice and not give you a heart attack if you crash and you run out of it.
  2. If you have the option, get a battery pack, the flights last a short time and you may be left wanting more.
  3. Practice well before trying to get a good picture, first you will have to concentrate all your energy on flying, then on flying and taking the picture.
  4. It is not necessary to risk with a pilot to Top Gun , you will achieve better snapshots if you ride smoothly.
  5. Avoid, of course, the rain.
  6. Before flying, clean the glass.
  7. The clouds at an average height will be your best allies.
  8. Try to give depth to your photos by photographing elements in different planes.
  9. Try zenithal photographs , as long as your drone’s camera allows it.
  10. Whenever you can shoot in RAW.
  11. Take care of the composition of the image as in any other type of photography.
  12. Plan to take into account the sun or its position and the weather.
  13. Study the place before.
  14. Remember to check the rules and legislation.
  15. Get inspired, here is a small snack.
  16. Eye with the shadow of the drone;), unless you want to include it in the photo for something … That’s why planning is essential.
  17. Also try low flights, a way to differentiate yourself from aerial photography that can be achieved from a helicopter or similar that cannot be lowered too much. In the middle is the virtue  .
  18. Try to convey emotions and sensations, harmony, chaos, loneliness …
  19. Try to achieve compositions based on color, geometry, look for abstract photos, patterns, lines, textures, symmetries, contrasts, recognizable shapes.
Color, geometry, abstract photos, your imagination is the only limit.


There are applications and resources on the web that can help you when going out to photograph with your drone. Here I leave you with some:


  • Interactive map to fly in Spain.
  • Dronemate ( iOS , Android )


Being an unmanned device is affected by magnetic fields, with this app you can anticipate geomagnetic storms and check the geomagnetic field:

  • Magnetology ( iOS , Android )


For photographic success, planning is essential:

  • Photopills
  • Sunsurveyor


The best (although entertaining because it hooks) is to walk through Google Maps in satellite view. It is an impressive and free resource available to anyone who has internet, easy, right? You can travel anywhere in the world sitting comfortably in your chair. One last. And who says anywhere in the world, says also inspect the surroundings of where you live;).

And here the article today. I hope I have clarified some doubts and / or awakened the bug. If you found it interesting or useful, please do not forget to share it on your favorite social network (or all ). I will thank you much more than a drone can fly. Thank you and see you soon.

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