How to change hair color in Photoshop

In this lesson we want to talk about how in Photoshop to change the hair color is simple, clear and as natural as possible.

Open a photo in Adobe Photoshop. We will change the hair color of this girl.

First of all, you need to highlight the hair. This can be done in various ways, for example, using the Lasso Tool / “Lasso Tool” . We will create a selection in the quick mask mode – this is very clear and fast.

Press the Q key to enter the quick mask mode.

Next, take the Brush Tool . And we begin to paint the hair with a translucent red color characteristic of the mask. To erase unwanted shaded areas, swap colors by pressing the X key .

When working, use the [ and ] keys to quickly resize your brush. Do not forget to change its density so that the selection is natural. It is not worth striving for the perfect selection of each hair, we can fix this with further processing.

After the hair is shaded, we exit the quick mask mode by pressing the Q key again . The mask is converted to selection.

Now we need to invert this selection. To do this, go to the menu Select → Inverse / “Inversion” or use the key combination Shift + Ctrl + I , after which we get the hair highlighted with a dashed line.

After the selection is made, you can change the hair color in Photoshop in several ways. Let’s look at some of them.

A very simple and obvious option is to fill the selected area with a new color. In order for the effect to be natural in this case, you need to use the Soft Light blending mode for the filled layer .

Select the menu item Layer / “Layers” → New Fill Layer / “New Fill Layer” → Solid color / “Color” .

And in the dialog that appears, set a new color for the hair.

At first, the photo will not look very natural, but we will fix it.

Click on the fill layer and make it active. After that, change the blending mode of this layer to Soft Light .

If after coloring individual strands of hair turned out to be unnatural, then you can simply click on the layer mask with a fill and a brush to correct everything. Those areas on the mask where you paint in white will become visible and painted in the color of the fill. Black will hide the fill.


Another way to change the color of hair in Photoshop is based on the use of the adjustment layer Hue / Saturation / “Color Tone / Saturation” and change the colors in the selected area.

Select hair with a quick mask in the same way as before. After that, instead of creating a layer with a fill, create an adjustment layer Hue / Saturation / “Hue / Saturation” .

And in the settings of this adjustment layer we will change the hue, saturation and brightness according to our taste and idea.

When the desired color is selected, the mask can be slightly adjusted using white and black brushes, just as we did in the previous example.

Another technique that will help you change the color of your hair in Photoshop does not require creating a selection.

We open a photo on which we will recolor hair. And create a new transparent layer.

Set this layer to Blend Mode Color .

Then, using the Brush Tool / Brush Tool , on a transparent background, draw strands in the selected color. To achieve a natural effect, it is better to use a not very dense brush with soft edges.

Elena Liseikina

Landscape and travel photographer, ambassador of Fujifilm company, photographer of the magazine “Russian Photo”. Winner and winner of international photography competitions, author of articles and workshops on landscape photography and photo processing.

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