In a matter of days we will reach the milestone of 100,000 followers on Instagram

In a matter of days we will reach the milestone of 100,000 followers on Instagram

The prizes that I show you below are possible thanks to these sponsors:

To celebrate it, we are going to organize an event that will last a week, during which each day we will propose a different photographic topic so that you can do it with your camera or smartphone and thus participate in the proposed topics.

Each day there will be a selected photo, a winner, and a prize. Details below.

I hate when in contests they give you the typical section with bases in small print. Here I tell you a little about what the bases would be but told in Christian, in the language of walking around the house ? .


The dynamics of the event will take place on the Instagram social network. To participate, it is necessary to have an Instagram account.

It is not an essential requirement but it is recommended to become a follower of our Instagram account @blogfotografo , in this way you will be aware of all the proposals that we will be calling daily.

Every day between 8:00 and 11:00 in the morning (mainland Spain time) we will propose a specific photographic theme through a post on our Instagram account. In the same post we will mention the hashtag or label of the photographic theme as well as the corresponding prize for that day.

To participate you will have to take a photo related to the proposed theme and upload it to your Instagram account. In the description or "caption" you must include the hashtag that we would have mentioned for that day, as well as a mention of our user @blogfotografo .

The spirit of the event is to encourage you to take your camera or smartphone and make an effort to take photos, so the ideal is that you participate with a photo taken on the day of the call. That being said, photos taken earlier will also be accepted, as long as they reflect the photo theme of the day, and as long as they are uploaded on the same day as the Daily Challenge in question.

Another thing: the limit of photos with which you can participate in each daily challenge is one. Please upload your best photograph.

You can participate from the moment the photographic theme of the day is called until 7:00 p.m. on the day in question (mainland Spain time).

At the end of participation we will publish the winning photograph in a post on our Instagram account. In the same post we will mention the author of the photograph in question.

To receive the prize of the day, the winner must contact us through a DM on our Instagram account .

The selection of the winning photograph will be made by the Blog del Fotógrafo team following criteria of:

  • Technique
  • Composition
  • Creativity
  • message or story

Important: at the time of participating you must be over 13 years old.


  • BenQ: SW240 Monitor(valued at 449 EUR).
  • Vanguard: VEO 3GO 235CB Tripod(valued at 199.90 EUR).
  • CEWE: Premium Canvas Album(valued at 175 EUR).
  • Bluekea: Website (in any plan) + domain for 1 year(valued at 250 EUR).
  • Anaya: Pack of 5 books from the PhotoClub collection(valued at 111.94 EUR).
  • JdeJ Editions: Pack of 5 books from the FotoRuta collection(valued at 131.50 EUR).
  • Robisa: Lume Cube Portable Light(valued at 87.98 EUR).


We will contact the winner of each day via DM on Instagram to obtain shipping information (name, full address, telephone).

At the end of the event, the sponsoring brands will be in charge of making the corresponding shipments to the winners. Although from BdF we will not be responsible for making the shipments, we will provide the data of the winners to the brands so that they can make the shipment properly.

To expedite the delivery process, from BdF we will not be part of the prize delivery process. The brands will be responsible for shipping. I say this because if there is a problem with the shipment or delivery, it will be the responsibility of the brand that makes the shipment.
In any case, I will ask the sponsoring brands to provide me with a tracking number, if possible, and I will share it with the winner.

Another important thing: most of our sponsors can make shipments only within Spanish territory. If the winner resides outside of Spain, the following alternatives will be given:

  • Assign the prize to a friend or family member residing in Spain, indicating the delivery details of the person who would receive the shipment.
  • Redeem the original, physical prize for any of our photography courses (photography course or Lightroom course). Both courses will come with our full library of digital books included.

I will update this page in case there are any changes, so I recommend checking it from time to time ?

Good luck to everyone.

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