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In Bad Weather, How to take Great Photos?

Being a photographer is considered to be a feature of being modern. Many never forget to equip themselves with their photography camera before embarking on a voyage and only the thought of capturing heart-filling moments, either created by the heavens or designed by the man, fills the conscience with optimism and excitement. And why not that should be the case, beauty is ubiquitously ranging from the young pupils rationalizing their performance in exams with frowns on the foreheads to the birds assembling on the perches carrying out their formal meeting and foraging endeavors. I see many photographers near me busy in shooting the wedding photography or taking the corporate headshots as a means of survival. This article is not meant for them. It is for those who like to explore the rarely-visited-locations which can offer a wide variety of cuisines to make the camera have its fill.

However, enter bad-weather and all the enthusiasm to steal a plethora of such diversified moments in the surroundings fades away drastically. It might sound obvious, but among the novices, many disagree to this and thank the Mother Nature for letting them an opportunity to embellish their portfolio with great looking still shaving some original photography backdrops, sneaked and clicked while struggling to manage the unfavorable meteorological conditions. The reason behind this is that the professionals in this domain are aware of the fact that what others call bad weather is great weather for them because it lets one capture some amazingly dramatic photos under ideal lighting conditions.

It is not uncommon for the photographers to wait for the odd hours of the day, when the sun is either rising or setting, to hit their passion because it is this when they usually find the appropriate photography lighting present in the atmosphere which is perfectly suitable for some dazzling shots. The experts find such an amenity readily available during the bad weather, and it eliminates the wait for those odd hours. There are some ethics which drive them to be so brave and turn the tides to their advantage. Those ethics are being shared here in the form of some tips which can ease up your tension about unfriendly environmental hindrances.

Resilient gearing

An opportunist would always take up the opportunity to thrive. The same is true for a photographer who wants to taste the glory of clicking some wonderful scenes. However, it would be nearly impractical to think of conquering the war without some weapons which not only absorb the incoming forces but also retaliate in an optimum manner. Therefore, a photographer should be equipped with the gear which can make the camera work in the same way as in good weather. It is not difficult to find rain covers or hoods for a camera lens that can make rain ineffective by not letting the droplets shower the camera or slide through the lens while moistening it. All this can be achieved with a few bucks and a little bit of shopping. A photographer should also be wise enough to imply some hacks by using clothes or a zip-bag to cover the camera while leaving a small opening for the lens. This could come handy just in case the preparation had not been suitable, and there had been no camera selling shops nearby, which takes us further to the next important tip.

Preparation is always better than improvisation

If you want to keep the weather-related worries at bay, take a few steps beforehand. While loading for the trip, do choose to carry some packets of paper-napkins and lint-free cloths which can keep the lens clean and dry. Make some room for a tripod and an umbrella that can be attached to it, however, the windy weather can have an upper-hand in this case. Therefore, to make sure that such measures would be helpful, another mindful thing to do is to become familiar with some applications publishing the weather-related updates. It can often be checked on Google anytime and anywhere, thanks to the omnipresent facility of the internet.

Make the camera dance to your tunes

Learning to modulate the shutter speed of the camera, which governs the opening duration of the shutter, can be a very nice trick of capturing the awe-striking moments like falling drops or a lightning thunderbolt. While the shutter speed should be brisk to make the drops freeze in the air such as 1/1000 of a second, on the other hand, to nail an unpredictable lightning bolt, it should be slower to get greater exposure time. Good quality photography cameras have shutter speeds moving up from 1/2000 of a second to minutes. A commendable photographer knows how to take up the advantage of this feature of the modern cameras to suit their desires. Now, this is something that is taught in a photography school, but if you are a hobbyist, then I have done my job by introducing you to this phenomenon.

Another ace up the sleeve

No photographer can refuse the fact that photo editing is something they employ to further mature the photos in terms of aesthetics. And why not edify the pictures with the help of some tweaks which are not against ethics and which do not disturb the originality of it. Photoshop lets photographers do it in a very effortless manner, however learning this software can be an uphill task, due to its hugely diversified array of features.  Still, it can be an ace up the sleeve of a photographer who despite fighting the forces of nature brilliantly, failed to succeed completely although marginally. If you know what I mean! Such software can give photographers a personal digital photo studio of their own.

So, these were some tips that can help you if you are planning to carry out a photographing journey while witnessing some bad weather. I hope you find them helpful, and I wish you all the luck to emerge as a winner.