Leica X Vario Test

Camera description

There are other cameras … Looking at the sites of photographic equipment manufacturers, full of announcements of ultra-mega-super-technologies, I no longer believe that you can find a model on sale that was developed with an eye to the glorious past of photography. But there is such a camera – this is the Leica X Vario. The camera was worked by people who devoted themselves to photography as an art, and not a team of marketers and psychologists who tried to predict the wishes of the masses. When considering buying a camera from Leica, you should not look in the specification sheet for a huge number of marketing “technologies”. But you definitely can not worry about such, unfortunately, forgotten characteristics, such as optics, image plastic, color reproduction and … the ergonomics charm of a classic camera. However, Leica X Vario has collected a lot of relevant technologies,

Using Leica cameras is a real, incomparable pleasure. German cameras have always been created for photography, and not for riveting “masterpieces here and now with one button.” It is not surprising that the first acquaintance with the device produces a mixed impression on a photographer spoiled by technology. It seems like you pick up the legendary Leica, and you get something completely different from a modern high-end camera. And only after a few days comes understanding what a jewel you have in your hands! Understanding the essence of photography, a once leisurely and thoughtful process that is not accessible to everyone, captures more and more with each shot. You start to stop, take a closer look, think … Photography with Leica X Vario is a philosophy, an act, a frame. Does it sound too pathetic? But this is true, and you can only feel it with a Leica camera in your hands!

In the final part of the article, after considering the technical and photographic features, we will once again try to answer the first question that arises for almost every photographer: why are they asking for almost 120,000 rubles for Leica X Vario? But now we can say that the author of this text went with the camera all the way from undisguised skepticism to realizing the real buzz from shooting and the absolute unwillingness to part with Leica after the test.

Key Features of Leica X Vario

  • classic ergonomics;
  • metal, leather and high-quality assembly;
  • a battery that allows you to shoot for a really long time;
  • standard hot shoe;
  • high-quality optics with unique plastic and natural color rendition;
  • nice presets for in-camera color correction;
  • non-replaceable 2.5x zoom lens;
  • lack of a viewfinder;
  • separate button for video recording.

Key Features:

  • 16-megapixel matrix with a size of 23.6 x 15.8 mm (APS-C);
  • non-replaceable lens 28-70 mm equiv. f / 3.5-f / 6.4;
  • display with a diagonal of 3 inches and a resolution of 920000 points;
  • 1080p video at 30 frames / s with high bitrate.

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