Now that, after all the parties, we get back to the routine and with it we make up the time to read, I come with a new literary recommendation for lovers of female portrait that includes a lot of professional secrets. If you want to meet them, stay;).


... you if you like portrait photography and especially fashion portrait or female portrait. It is a book aimed at professionals or those who take their first steps in fashion and portrait photography, specifically women. And first steps I mean professional steps, if you are starting in photography now, I would recommend other books ( like this one ) because, in my opinion, this part of the base that you already have notions of photography and helps you achieve specialization in this field. It is not for you if what you like are spontaneous, improvised, stolen portraits, etc. This is another type of book, with more studied poses and tricks so that the portrayed woman is more favored or transmits the desired message.


This is a book that is divided into two parts: one, on Characteristic Attributes and a second, on Posing and Styling:


A section intended to guide you in identifying the unique physical attributes of each woman and learn to better enhance each of them. Chapter 1. Face shape. In it he tells us the different types of faces that exist, how to recognize them and the lighting that favors them the most, what type of objective to choose and how makeup can help. It also tells how to improve a female portrait with the technique «Underexpose and overexpose» in post-production. Chapter 2. Body types. There are different body types and not everyone is favored by the same poses. It helps you learn to recognize them. Chapter 3. Perceived defects. It is a very extensive chapter that covers from the color space, where it explains the different types of color spaces that exist and which is more recommended depending on whether you are going to print the photos or are only for digital format, etc., up to tools to correct those imperfections that the client wants to eliminate, either through makeup, lighting or editing. With tricks to avoid the reflection in the glasses, the double chin or the gray hair, for example.


Styling techniques to influence visual communication. It deals with the importance of non-verbal communication and what is communicated depending on the pose. Chapter 4. Understanding body language. A chapter where it offers clues of what is transmitted according to what poses. He insists on the importance of knowing what it is that he wants to transmit and of taking into account the context. Chapter 5. Standing poses. Examples of standing poses with tips, tricks, and example photos for inspiration. Chapter 6. Sitting poses. Discuss beauty photos and some tips for taking them, as well as examples of sitting poses and hand poses. Chapter 7. Poses lying down. Very similar to Chapter 5 but with lying poses for the female portrait. Chapter 8. Foundations of styling. The author, after his long experience, is very aware of the importance of styling in a female portrait and transmits it to us. Keys to styling, advice on wardrobe and the importance of making the model look good, regardless of whether or not it is fashionable. It dedicates an important section to underwear for Boudoir sessions . It also offers makeup and hair tips, as well as some recommended studio items to control and facilitate sessions. Chapter 9. Stylizing complicated features. Tips not to enhance features with which the model is not comfortable. As the author says about larger sizes, "The goal should not be to make them appear thinner, but to add more visual weight to them." Chapter 10. Introduction to the illumination of women. Basic guide on the properties of light and lighting equipment. Chapter 11. Portraits. Schemes and lighting tips for the face. Chapter 12. Commercial photography. Lighting techniques and tips for products, hairdressing, leather, accessories, jewelry ... Chapter 13. Fashion. Recommended lighting techniques and schemes for fashion photography.


  • Softcover: 248 pages
  • Publisher: Anaya Multimedia (Photoclub Collection)
  • Dimensions: 24 × 18.5 cm approximately
  • Price: € 28.45


Jeff Rojas is an American fashion and portrait photographer based in New York. His main work includes portraits and fashion photography published in Elle and Esquire . Jeff often works as a photography teacher. I leave you with an interview with the author (in Spanish ):


The number of examples you use. When he talks to you about a type of face and how to photograph it so that it is more favored, he illustrates it with photographs taken by himself, as well as the poses and lighting schemes. Every aspect it touches is accompanied by a very clear example, with a generous image in size and quality.


Actually, this is subjective and has nothing to do with the publication or the author, but with today's society and its tireless search for the beauty of women and perfection. I wish it didn't take as much lighting, makeup, or post-production for a woman to feel beautiful in a photograph. If we all looked with different eyes and the advertising was not so fierce, I think the world would be better, but ... as I say, it is my personal opinion and that it has nothing to do with the content, but boy, I like being able to shout it around here ;). Although having said that, I must add that the author is quite respectful of the subject.

And already, related to the publication, is that, sometimes, there are two photos that are compared in which the difference is not very clear, it may be due to the impression or because the difference is so subtle or minimal that it is difficult to detect it at all. naked eye. But of course, we are talking about a book for female portrait professionals, just as for them those differences are more evident ...


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This is a recommended publication for anyone who is interested in female portraiture and especially for those who plan to dedicate themselves professionally. Or for professionals who are thinking of entering this area if they have not previously tried it, that is, those who try to "reinvent themselves" . It is a text that is easy to read, in which the author speaks from his experience and in a close tone. A very complete book that offers tips and tricks for before, during and after the sessions and that will surely make your task much easier. Did you find it useful? If so, please ask me to share it. And if you have any comments, don't hesitate to share them below. Thanks and see you soon!
Photographing women: Posing, lighting and Portrait and Fashion techniques (Photoclub) * - Softcover (248 pages)
From Jeff Rojas (Author)

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