Marketing as a Photographer

Photography takes time to learn and to gain expertise. There are aspiring and professional photographers all around the world. So once you take up photography as your profession, it becomes a competition. You will need to develop a client base, have a constant stream of orders, and a reputation in the photography community. If you want to promote your hobby to your career, then you must learn how to market yourself. Marketing your abilities and skills are required in every career field. You will need to market yourself to get a job, to raise funding for your start-up, to get a promotion, etc. Marketing for a photographer is very crucial too.

The first step towards professionalism

Once you have decided to become a professional photographer, you need to be serious towards it. The first step involves accepting your profession. Stop looking at photography as a hobby now. It is your career and works towards excelling in it. A person can get distracted because of other's opinions. Photography is still considered a part-time profession by many people. This mindset prevents them from unlocking their full potential as a photographer. You will need to be competitive enough to survive in the photography business. Advice is to shut off the judging voices and work on what you love.

What is marketing?

Marketing, in easy terms, means to make people aware of your work, your specialities and why they should take your services. Marketing is a psychological process. Marketers organize brainstorming sessions to come up with ways to convince people. Marketing aims at increasing the customer base and spreading business through various sources. Businesses market their products through sales, discounts, promotional schemes, advertisements, etc. The first step in marketing is to know your target audience. Once your target audience notices your product, you need to make them understand the benefits of your products. This is the right time to attract them by quality or reasonable pricing. Marketing your photography is no different. Initially, you have a photography business that is not popular. You need to take measures to convince people about your photography skills and make them hire you. Providing good photography services will ease your task of marketing. Word of mouth plays a big role in photography marketing. It is an automatic marketing chain that develops when you satisfy your customers with quality outputs.

Marketing tips for photographers.

We have seen the importance of marketing. Now let’s jump into how to market yourself as a photographer:
  • Start your own website: Prepare a photography website containing your work samples, your package prices, and your contact details. Showcase best of your photographs in your website as samples. Include your photography work from different fields like wedding photography, event photography, fashion photography, aerial photography, and stock photography. This will attract customer inquiries and work contracts.
  • Learn SEO or hire SEO experts: SEO will rank your website higher among search results. 75% of Internet users never go to the second page of search engines. They change their keywords instead of going deeper into search results. So, appearing on the first page of search results will boost your traffic tremendously.
  • Promote your photography on social media: Start Facebook and Instagram pages for your business. Post creative and engaging content. Buying promotion packages on Facebook and Instagram is an important marketing tool. It attracts target customers who have a higher chance of hiring your services. With that said, do not spend too much on this promotion method if good results are not observed.
  • Start a photography blog: This blog will differ from your website. Focus on delivering informative photography content first. Develop a large reader base. Use this blog to connect to the photography community. Promote your website in your articles sometimes. This blog will act as a traffic feeder for your website. Once you have strong traffic on your blog, you will find your readers rushing into your website.
  • Reach out to blogs: You can search for great photography blogs and contact them for promotion services. You may need to pay them advertisement fees. But if your website gets featured by a popular blog, your website traffic will increase manifolds.
  • Offline promotion: Inform all the people you know about your photography business and tell them to suggest your work to others. Words about your business will spread fast, and you will see inquiries coming in shortly.


Developing your photography skills to the best and promoting your business smartly will transform your photography from a hobby to a full-time career.

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