Today I bring you photos of nature because it is a month to pay tribute to everything that is important to remember and especially care : forests , water and nature in general. It is a month to remember that all life hangs on it, among others ours, that of our friends, family, that of our pets, not to mention the species we threaten and become extinct day after day. This month and every day, remember that the Earth is not only ours, it is of all living beings that inhabit it, and those who come after us, remember that step by step we rush to a point of no return. The climate change is a reality that no longer is distant on the horizon. Coral barriers disappear, the Arctic melts, deserts increase, and extreme temperatures, we lose habitable land and countless animal and plant species.

In our hand is (yes, it seems that we are alone in this), with all the gestures we can, chase away that apocalyptic end that we approach step by step. In our hand is to leave our children a place to live, an air to breathe, a fertile land, an opportunity. Tomorrow is already late, so, let's remedy TODAY , because if not, there may not be tomorrow for those who come behind. And in this little tribute that we want to pay to nature, I propose a gallery of images that will make you love (even more if possible) nature, but first I would like to remind you of some themes and tips or ideas, to squeeze it photographically speaking :-) . Let's go there.


Light is everything, also in nature photography. Do not let an overwhelmingly beautiful landscape distract you from the importance of light to capture it in your image. The most photogenic hours are the blue hour (just before sunrise and just after the warm tones disappear after sunset) and the warm or golden hour (immediately after sunset or just before sunrise).


The rain , the snow, the fog , are not reasons for you to run to the car which soul carries the devil, they are reasons for you to protect your camera well and be encouraged to squeeze all the creativity that these moments can bring to your photographs. In bad weather, good face (and good photos;)).


While it seems that landscape photographs are done alone, the truth is that sometimes, the more impressive a view is, the harder it is to capture that immensity and beauty in a flat image. Let's not forget that we go from three dimensions to two, and that implies striving to transmit that three-dimensionality to our two-dimensional images. It is through the composition that we run away from flat images, without scale, without depth or boring. Playing with natural frames , reflections , depth of field , scale (for example adding a human element to the landscape), point of view, perspective, lines , horizon law or the rule of thirds can help you very much in your landscape or nature compositions.


Nature is not only great landscapes, it is also the small beings and the details that inhabit it. Macro photography is undoubtedly a wonderful way to get into it. If you are interested, check out these articles:
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And if you still want more, put macro in the search engine and you will have many more articles on the subject .


Not only during the day we can get wonderful photographs of nature, the night holds us unique moments, photography of stars, northern lights , being able to play with Lightpainting and a lot of other scenarios. Remember that long exposure is a resource that you can also use during the day in clouds or water . So far I hope that you have made a slight idea of the possibilities it offers us (they are endless more, but they all did not fit me and I do not want to bore you), that you are here for a photo gallery of nature that I promised you at the beginning. Here you have it : Do not tell me that it is not worth taking care of this wonder. What do you think of the images? Do you dare to create your own? I hope you enjoyed it, if so, help us give visibility by sharing it with who you think may be interested. Thank you and see you next time.

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