Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool

Photoshop is like a bridge between creativity & artists. Some of them use photoshop as a tool to hide bad skills or details, but some true creativity lovers use this to enhance their skills  in photography. This can also result in making money by selling the photos online on photo sites or doing commercial photography because creative things catch attention & who knows about creativity better than the artist themselves. One can also visit the photosites to get inspired on how this stuff is done anyway. Then they can easily opt for commercial photography as it requires lots of creativity. This can be learnt online or be taught in digital photography schools because one should take anything about they love from these digital photography schools. What is a Photoshop clone stamp tool- This is a tool by which one can clone anything about n number of times. This sound pretty much the same as the product photography as many have seen the advertisement & this cloning tool is pretty much required all the time in the product photography. Cloning is not only about copy-pasting of some images so that it looks funny no it's a straight no; instead it is very useful & creative. Suppose one photographer requires a greenery photograph of the fields, but it's the dry season so there are no trees available so by the help of this photoshop clone stamp tool one can clone the required cutouts of images from other pictures & make the picture complete as it is taken in the spring season. This is not the only reason as photoshop clone stamp tools are also used in movies & fashion photography. Why use the photoshop clone stamp tools- One might get the idea that why not just cut copy paste the image where we want to. Why go from all these strong efforts. But images are made out of pixels so by cut pasting the image over it will change the overlook, colour & the way it looks. Photoshop clone stamp toll also copies the image, but with the pixels then it pastes the image there with that area perspective & matched with all the requirements. How to use the photoshop clone stamp tool- It's not rocket science so don’t take it as steps instead take it as a procedure to a chance on enhancing the creativity. So here are some of the steps which will help in performing the operation for the clone stamp tool-

  • Clone stamp tool- Locate the clone stamp tool in the Photoshop software & click on it. If one is unable to find it then they have to go to windows then select the tool option & in that select the clone tool. One should practice all this so they might be able to do all in the blink of the eye.
  • Brush options- After selection, the clone tool from the toolbox one has to choose the brush also. It is given in the box then size, capacity & blending mode of the brush is all to be set manually. If copying an exact area is the work then one should not touch the settings let it be at default. If copying some different area is the work then the setting can be changed according to that from the box.
  • Selecting area- Selecting area comes after one has chosen the brush type, size, capacity & then they have to select the area which they have to copy. To start  take the cursor to the area & then press Alt-Ctrl & the start copying.
Over the image – Then when coping of the selected area is done take it over to the area where the pasting or cloning is to be done. When done pasting use different types of brushes to fix the image to make it as it should look like that it belongs there. Sometime try a different brush with different capacity.

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