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Some Classic Photography Poses

In this ever-changing world, the one thing we want to remember is how we looked at a certain point in our lives. We love to store these moments of our lives as pictures and as such, it becomes extremely important to get a good picture to have some good memories later on in life. And to do this, the thing of utmost importance is your stance or pose while taking a picture. Professional photographers make sure to tell you to stand one way or sit another. Also, consider the location of the photo shoot like that too helps in taking good pictures. Also, timings can play an important role with sunrise or sunset being good times to capture some wonderful photos. Shooting during the night is also an option.

Having a child coming into the family is a matter of joy and happiness. It is a good practice to take some pictures with the baby still inside. Therefore, let’s talk about some maternity pictures for photo shoots.

The classic poses you need to adopt while shooting has been divided based on the number of people going to be in the frame. So, let’s get started.

  1. Single:

There are a lot of poses which can be tried out individually and which are mostly focused on the mother. The different types of maternity pictures are:

    • Front view: Capturing the whole picture makes it look beautiful. With the lady, all smiles and showing her tummy proudly is some pose dripping with love and affection.
    • Belly profile: This is the most obvious pose you might want to take. A picture of the bump.


  • Peaking: Peeking from behind a wall or a pillar with only the face and the belly visible is another great pose for your maternity pictures.


  • Lying down: Lying down on your back is another good way of capturing the baby-bump.
  • Sitting: there are various ways to sit down. Sit with either your legs outstretched, comfortably or even in a chair or a raised platform.
  • From above: Another one of the good poses, it highlights only your face and the belly.
  • Silhouette: This is a classic pose. This pose has a unique and bare element as in the beauty of the yet to be born child and the woman who carries him/her.
  • Shadow: Similar to a silhouette, this type of pose too portrays a bare beauty in the terms of outlines
  • Zoom in: Getting pictures of the belly, particularly a zoom in on the belly. You can show your child later in his life how he/she looked like before birth.
  • Fun posing: There are lots of ways to lose in a funny way. After all, this photo shoot is for your own happiness and hence you should try to enjoy as much as possible and in doing so, you end up getting amazing maternity pictures.
  1. Couples:

You can capture excellent photography poses during wedding photography.

  • Holding hands: This pose signifies the love between the couple. Also portrays that the two are inseparable.
  • Back to back: Another one of those classic poses to get amazing maternity pictures, it signifies the expression ‘I got your back!’
  • Face to face: This pose signifies the love and cares the couple take of each other.
  • Hugging: This pose is pure love and protection and also portrays a feeling of security and happiness.
  • Back hug: Another one of the different types of hugs, this pose shows how much your spouse loves you.
  • Side hug: The third type of hug is another portrayal of love, friendship and companionship.
  • Kissing: The most passionate of them all, this pose tells the world how much love exists between the two of you.
  • Upside down kiss: Another one of those cute ways to kiss your loved ones
  • Forehead kisses: This pose is a way to signify care and protection towards your loved ones.
  • Hand on the cheek: Another one of those cute poses.
  • Head on lap: This pose signifies fondness besides the other expressions
  • Fun poses: Since this is a photo shoot, enjoy yourself to the fullest.
  1. Sibling pictures:

The elder brother or sister has been the gem of the family till that time. Even newborn photography is one of the best classic photography. Therefore, it is kind of bonding time between the child, his/ her unborn sibling and their mother.


  • Hugs: Basic form of showing love.
  • Belly-kissing: This shows the love of the elder sibling towards his/her brother /sister who is yet to be born.
  • Sitting on the belly: This is a pose in where most parents make their little child sit on their belly.
  • Fun and candid: Above all, do not forget to laugh, play and enjoy with your children as this will give you the best pictures.

Some of the things you might want to use as props are:

  • Umbrella
  • Chairs
  • Books
  • Flowers
  • Pets
  • Bump-sign and so on

Of course, you need to have excellent knowledge about photography lighting to capture the best classic photography poses.

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