These cameras have already been discontinued. Luckily, they have their successors and you can find them in this article where we present you the best Sony EVIL.

Most of the cameras in the market are either very good but heavy and bulky, or very small and practical but of poor photographic quality. Most of the time the photographer has to make the difficult decision to choose between quality or size. I say most of the time because there are exceptions. One of these exceptions is Sony’s NEX cameras.

As always, in today’s article you will not find a complete list with the technical characteristics of Sony NEX cameras, because that is something you can find on any website or photography blog (search on Google). I am simply going to stop at what would be the most outstanding advantages of this series of cameras, in an attempt to help you make the decision in case you are looking for a camera for yourself or someone you love.


The Sony NEX are not compact cameras. Nor are SLR cameras. They are a middle ground between the two types. They offer a small size, manageable, easy to carry, as if it were a compact camera, but at the same time they have a built-in sensor just as large as digital SLR cameras or almost, which, combined with their interchangeable lenses, gives them of a photographic quality quite similar to that of a reflex camera.

I do not want to overwhelm you with unnecessary technicalities, but if you ever find the initials EVIL , CSC, MSC or DSLM, you know that the Sony NEX belong to this type of cameras.

All Sony NEX models wear interchangeable lenses. They are called “E” type lenses. Any Sony NEX camera you buy can use any lens for the “E” mount. Additionally and thanks to a small Sony adapter, the Sony NEX are able to mount even any normal Sony lens, from the DSLR cameras, the big ones we go.


Let’s start with the inconveniences. The price, without a doubt, is one of the first barriers that back many suitors. In some Sony NEX the price exceeded 1,000 Euros. Crazy. However, I believe that for the advantages they present, their price is exceedingly justified, but it is still a slightly high price. Although today, when we update this article, its prices have dropped considerably and you can find some model from  (price not available at this time) euros.

The absence of an optical viewfinder is another drawback, at least for some users, which includes a server. I love shooting looking through the optical viewfinder, and the Sony NEX simply doesn’t carry. What they do have is a digital viewfinder, which can fulfill the task.


Now comes the good. Let’s see:

  • APS-C sensor: One of the most important elements in a camera is the sensor. If you hurry me, it’s the first thing that makes one camera better or worse than another. Generally larger sensor size, better photo quality. Well, to give you an idea, the Sony NEX have a sensor of the same size as any digital SLR camera, the same size as the Nikon D7000 for example, considered one of the best and most advanced amateur SLR.
    Although the following video is in English, watch it. Towards the minute 0:15 they show a very explanatory drawing in which you can see the similarity of sizes between the sensor of the Sony NEX and that of a normal DSLR.
  • ISO: The Sony NEX are capable of handling very high ISO values, reaching 25,600 depending on the model. An atrocity. And always with reasonably decent and clean noise results, at least up to ISO 1,000.
  • Full HD video recording: at normal speed and slow motion.
  • Battery life: The Sony NEX comes equipped with a particularly durable battery. At full load they usually hold 470 photos To give you an idea, your competitors like the Nikon 1 J2 last 230 photos or so. Something like half.


If I have the budget, no doubt. I want it as a main camera, or as a slight alternative to my huge and stout Nikon D7000 SLR , the Sony NEX in any of its models would be a perfect candidate.


Sony is the brand, NEX is the series, within which we find several models and versions. Currently, you have the Sony NEX-5 or the Sony NEX-6L. So many models, numbers and letters may seem a bit confusing. Personally I am not able to decipher what each number or letter indicates, but I can indicate an approximate classification of the type of user for which each model is directed, along with the approximate price of each one:

  • Beginner:  Sony NEX
  • Advanced fan:  Sony NEX-6L

As you can see the price difference is abysmal between one model and another. If you ask me for a recommendation of these two models, I may opt for the first, the  Sony NEX . I think it exceeds the mission. Take great photos and its price is still correct.

That’s all for now. I hope I have clarified the matter a bit and helped you make a good decision.

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