I will be honest, for me, one of the worst parts of photography is the end of the process, the time to organize the file, the order, in short, the last part of a very long work that begins in your head and ends in a hard drive That final part of organizing photos gives me an overwhelming laziness, but it's so, so important ... If you are mine, you will understand me perfectly. If you are lucky enough to enjoy the process from start to finish, congratulations, but what is clear is that, in both cases (and especially in the first), having a good program to organize your images is vital to do it with something more enthusiasm, but above all in an agile, effective and safe way. Because it is not only about turning everything in a supposedly safe place, it is about being able to find the images in an agile way whenever you need them, not to leave them in a sad corner, but to preserve them appetizing, alive and well. So, to make your life easier, I present some of the best programs to organize your photos. Are you coming?


Not only is it a powerful editing tool, it is also a great image organizer so you don't have to be in several places at once or have several programs for the entire photographic process. If you are already a Lightroom fan, when you know their organizational possibilities, you will be even more so if possible :-). You can organize them by folders, by punctuation, but also by the EXIF ??data of the images (lens type, ISO, keywords or location). Of course, to squeeze all its possibilities, it is best to study its operation and its possibilities a bit before starting to organize, so you can find the most efficient system for your working method.


If you are from Photoshop, surely you already know it and if not, maybe you should because it goes almost in pack with the use of Photoshop and works very well with Adobe Raw and Photoshop. Adobe Bridge allows you to organize your photos very easily and efficiently using color labels, with star ratings or keywords. It also allows batch modifications (same action for several photos at once) and export them easily to the web, to pdf. or wherever you want. Likewise, image files can be displayed in thumbnails of different sizes, slide shows, lists, light tables, etc.


It is a classic and one of the most used and recommended programs for storing and organising photographs. At the moment it provides unlimited storage in the cloud (although the images must have a maximum of 16MP, otherwise, the same program compresses them to this size, maintaining good quality) and a very effective search engine to find the images. It is very simple to use, the assistant is very practical since, automatically, thanks to a worked algorithm, it classifies the images according to what appears in them. It also allows you to make basic editing settings, make animations and collages, scan old photos, create albums shared with other people, or watch photos on TV. Sharing images is also very simple, you can do it on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  


Another great program that allows you to organize your photos effectively, by date, place, color labels, stars, and even facial recognition, allowing you to find the method that works best for you. It works perfectly with different formats such as RAW, JPEG, etc., and allows you to share your photos easily with Facebook, Flickr, and even YouTube. It also includes some editing possibilities such as eliminating red eyes, adjusting skin tone, adjusting brightness, color adjustments, removing objects, double exposure, lens correction, vignetting, etc.


Those of you who are fans of Apple, surely you know it perfectly, because it is the program to store photos that comes by default with their computers. It is very intuitive and simple to use, it also allows you to share images from your different Apple devices. It also has many editing tools: brightness, exposure, contrast, color, noise, curves, black and white, retouch, improve photo ... More than enough to allow you to combine the editing program with the organization program in one. With Photos, you won't need to go far to do it. And if what you like is to share your images on social networks, you can also do it quickly and easily by email, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Finally, it allows you to design your photo book without leaving the program. The results of the book in terms of design and quality are also very good. As you can see, a super complete program to make your life immensely simpler.   Finding an editing program with which to feel comfortable is essential as part of the photographic work, but finding a program that "encourages you" to have your photos organized in a simple and agile way, is something wonderful . Because at the moment we lazy people think that "it doesn't matter", "as long as they don't get erased, it doesn't matter; I don't care where or how they are »,« I will get one day with this to organize »,« I will go to find the image I need when I need it »… But believe me, with the volume of images that we move in the digital world, we planted ourselves in thousands and thousands of images that also come from different devices. It is chaos, and not organizing it is equivalent, most of the time to that they practically do not exist. So I hope that one of these 5 image organization programs will make your life easier and more productive. Remember: don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today. And don't forget to share this article with a friend or acquaintance who needs to put some order in your photographic life. Thank you very much and see you next time.

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