The Basics Of Product Photography

Product photography in itself is a whole different style of photography. It is very different from shooting landscapes or events, which require a rather large area to be captured. Product photography is based on emphasizing on the subject such that details are covered as many as possible. It is indeed a task that requires great skill and specialization. Following are some of the important aspects of this type of photography.   Photography Camera A good camera and camera lens are very important for all sorts of photography. Different types of lenses are used for different purposes. For product photography, however, there is no such requirement of a wide-angle lens. Since the pictures are to be shot from a short distance, a normal lens would be good enough to capture the product.   Commercial Photography The advertisement is a huge industry and very influential indeed. All brands spend excessively to promote their products in the best way possible. This is where commercial photography comes in. Professionals use DSLR for shooting as it provides great flexibility and several options to adjust the specifications as required. Photo studios are specially designed for shooting products with special kind of lighting and backdrops – two of the very important requirements of product photography.   Jewelry Photography Jewelry photography is also a sub-category of commercial photography. It requires great details to be captured in the most appropriate manner. It is very sensitive to light and backdrop and thus, require proper studio equipment to shoot. Several styles can be used to capture a certain piece of jewelry in a certain way. It could be different for a women's pendant and for a pair of wedding bands. Both will require different backdrop, lighting as well as a different angle.   Photography Blogs Photography blogs use unique styles to capture their subject so that they differentiate from the other blogs. Flat lay photography one such style which has gained popularity among the photographers that especially shoot products.  A normal phone camera will also do a decent job if you're shooting for your personal use. The phone cameras today are very advanced and are capable of capturing great pictures. Photographs are easily the most interactive form of media, and so, most people use pictures such that they tell a story or depict a relatable scene.   Photography Lighting Light is one of the most important ingredients of a perfect picture. The way the product is illuminated and casts shadows makes all the difference in its details. A good photographer is always expected to master the lighting. One cannot only be dependent on the external light as it might not always be good enough for the product to be captured properly. Therefore, you should know how to manually adjust the light settings such as ISO and shutter speed to get the desired result even when the external light source is not sufficient. Natural light is always the best source. However, it can be difficult to have natural light inside a studio. Thus photo studios use softboxes in different directions to shoot a product in the desired manner. In jewelry photography especially, photography lighting plays a crucial role. You want a specific kind of jewelry to look a particular way to have the most impact. Thus, the light has to be a certain way.   Photography Backdrop The other most important aspect to add essence to a picture is photography backdrop. The background should be such that it complements the subject. When it comes down to product photography, the product should be the highlight, and the backdrop shouldn't seem to clutter the product. There are different kinds of backdrops for different types of photography. Commercial photographs usually have a single-toned plain background in order to pay emphasis on the subject. A good photographer should know how to pick the right backdrop for a certain product such that the product is enhanced in the right way. Brands or bloggers that promote their products often use a warm, soft backdrop which is relatable to the viewers. Flat lays are often shot on marble table tops, beds, wooden tables, etc. and so they seem to be the most approachable to the viewers. For example, a cosmetics brand will often shoot its products with a backdrop that resembles a vanity or dressing space. On the other hand, a laptop brand will use an office space or a studying space as a bright background.   There are only so many ways to shoot a product such that its specifications are brought up in the most appropriate way. All the different styles are basically different approaches for different kinds of audience. It is up to the photographer to realize these facets and shoot accordingly.

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