People look for easy things, we want to have life solved, or that they give it to us, even to buy a camera. Many, when it comes time to buy a SLR camera, simply decide to ask for "the best SLR camera . As if there was. There is not, friend. The best DSLR camera in the world does NOT exist. If you were also looking for the best camera in the world, read this article. In it I will explain:
  • The reasons why there is no best SLR camera.
  • The clues to make you happy with your next camera purchase.


Do not flatter yourself. The ideal SLR camera does not exist. The reason is quite simple: every photographer ( professional or hobbyist , it doesn't matter) has a camera that is more "appropriate" for him, and only for him and people like him. Some of us like portrait photography, others prefer night photography, macro photography, or sports photography. With so many tastes, the cameras could not have the same performance in all conditions. Thus, some have a HUGE sensor capable of handling photos at night without the slightest noise, others offer spectacular results when it comes to freezing motion, and so we could continue to endless functions. Conclusion: There is a "best camera" for every type of photographer and for every type of photography. So please do not forget: when you go to a store and ask the manager or seller to advise you, give him clues, directions, help him help you, tell him about your photographic tastes. If you did not have anything defined, nothing happens yet, but say it anyway. That is the basis, that is what will help the seller (or friend) to guide you in the best possible way. Additional fact: The perfect partner does not exist, the man or woman of your dreams should not be "perfect" because then you will never find him / her. Similarly, the "perfect" camera does not exist. Any good, excellent and fabulous camera will necessarily have drawbacks: excessive weight and dimensions, exorbitant price, very expensive or difficult to get accessories, absence of any functionality, complexity of use, etc. This is another reason why you should be very honest with yourself and decide what type of photography (more or less) you would like to do, that's the first thing, before starting the search for the camera of your dreams, the one that will make you happy.


At this point and having accepted the fact that there is no single "best camera", I have to tell you that it is still possible to find the camera as "ideal" as possible for you. Here are some points that you will have to follow before deciding on your next investment in a camera:
  • Decide first whether a compact camera or a DSLR is right for you . People tend to think that a DSLR camera is much better than a compact one. This can be so only in theory. In practice we meet many unhappy people with a reflex camera. I already spoke in a previous article about reasons why you should NOT buy a SLR camera , as well as reasons why you should buy it .
  • Find out about the most outstanding cameras on the market, the best compact cameras and the best reflex cameras ("best" is a word that must be taken with caution as I have been repeating).
  • A trick that usually helps a lot as a guide, especially when you do not have much idea on the technical side, is to enter pages like Flickr and look at photos that we like. Then we will see with which camera that photo was taken. That will give us an idea of the benefits of that camera. Let us remember, as always, that the photo is not made by the camera, but by the photographer, but at least that way we know what "possibilities" the camera offers.
  • As I said before, each camera stands out in one or more characteristics, which makes it better or worse than others, but there is a small detail of vital importance , a detail that is IMPORTANT in all cameras, regardless of whether it is compact or reflex. , regardless of whether it is to take one type of photo or another, a single detail capable of giving us better or worse photographs, be they portraits, landscapes, night scenes, etc .: this detail is THE SENSOR . That is, the type and size of the sensor can dramatically improve or worsen the photo. The sensor is something that we do not touch, nor do we change value, or anything. It is a fairly main component and it will stay there in our camera, fixed, still, doing its job as well as its size allows.
For the most curious, in a future article I will talk more about this issue of sensors so that you can distinguish the quality of each sensor and therefore the camera. For now, it is only interesting to know that generally the larger the sensor size, the better photo quality . To give you an idea, I leave you this small graph where you can see the size of each sensor (credits for the Samsung website ). This will allow you to intuit the quality of the resulting photo. Obviously the quality of the photo will depend on other factors, but the size of the sensor is KEY. How can you apply this little hint in real life? Well, before buying a camera, find out the size of its sensor (length x width) and write it down. Compare it to that of another that interests you as well. The size of the sensor usually comes in the specifications, in the camera box, on its official website, and if you can't find it, search for it on Google. Remember, the sensor is vital, don't underestimate it. Today's was a rather extensive article, but if you have read this far I trust that the topic has become clearer to you. If you think I have left any aspect unclear please do not hesitate to point it out below in the comments. The important thing is that you don't let yourself be stunned. Sometimes we feel intimidated by so many technicalities, acronyms and technical abbreviations and we tend to avoid getting into those matters, but even so, buying a camera that works for us and with which we are happy is POSSIBLE. You just have to lose fear ... and in that task I will help you. To finish, I invite you to find your best private SLR camera in our SLR Camera Recommender . An application that will allow you to discover which is the best SLR camera for you based on your particular needs #BBD0E0 »

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