Sony is primarily associated with EVIL or even compact cameras. When you think of this brand, it is inevitable to think of its magnificent mirrorless cameras. However, the brand also has its SLR cameras, not negligible and for different types of users (and pockets), do you want to meet them? Now, before continuing, you should know that they have a peculiarity. The so-called Sony SLR cameras are SLT  ( Single-Lens Translucent ) cameras which translated comes to say that its mirror is translucent and does not move. Consequences? As the mirror does not have to move, they are much faster for action photography. They also work very well to record video. Are you looking for a new camera? Are you sonysta ? So this article that I update today with the current Sony SLR cameras interests you .


This camera, despite being aimed at a beginner audience, is full of surprises, such as its automatic tracking approach, which allows you to keep the focus on a moving object even in the full burst (8fps). In addition, it works very well with low light and is very ergonomic. Let's see its characteristics:
    • CMOS Sensor Exmor® APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm)
    • 24 MP
    • Translucent mirror: as I said in the introduction, this system does not have to raise the mirror in the shot and, therefore, can keep the focus constantly. What makes it ideal for action photography (sports, etc.)
    • Autofocus system with 79-point phase detection
    • Sony Type A mount
    • LCD screen: 2.7 ? and tiltable (angle 135 ° up and 55 ° down). Adjustable brightness
    • ISO:  Photo: ISO 100-25.600 (in 1/3 EV steps), VIDEO: ISO 100-12.800 (in 1/3 EV steps)
    • 8 fps
    • Dimensions approx: 142.6 x 104.2 x 82.8 mm
    • Weight:  596 g (body) / 675 g (with battery and stand)
    • Full HD videos 1,920 x 1,080 up to 50 Mbps in XAVC S format or in MP4 at 1,440 x 1,080
  • Top Playback Panel 
  • Price:  (price not available at this time)
On the other hand, it has no Wi-Fi connectivity and the screen (in addition to being something small) is not touch, which for many has already become essential. Although nothing has to do with making better or worse photos;). And, really, this camera achieves high quality images, although it is best to check it out for yourself here. To be an entry camera and with a very affordable price is a great option that, in broad strokes, works quite well for photos and videos. If you are already an amateur who asks for more and has become more demanding, check out the following;).
Sony Alpha 68 - Camera with type A mount (24.2 MP Exmor APS-C CMOS sensor, 18-55 mm lens, BIONZ X processor, autofocus, tilt LCD screen) * - Camera
From BLOCK (Designer)
Price: (price not available at this time)
(As of: 2020/01/20 4:33 pm - Details)
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With characteristics similar to the previous one, but with some differences that are reflected in the price, we have this model that we review here at the time Let's see what are the main differences with the ?68 :

  • Connectivity Wi-Fi
  • Screen somewhat larger and with greater mobility
  • Maximum shutter speed 1 / 8000s (in the previous one it is up to 1 / 4000s)
  • Higher screen resolution
  • Better viewfinder resolution
  • Higher burst speed (12 fps vs. 8 fps)
  • Supports water splash
  • Weight:  649g approx.
  • Dimensions:  104 x 81 x 14 mm
The question is whether it is worth paying the price difference for these benefits. It will depend on the needs of each one. For example, if you are water sports, then I would not hesitate, I would opt for it. Otherwise, sensor, MP, ISO, focus points, tracking focus, etc., are practically the same. And the price of this is  € 999.88
Sony Alpha ILCA77-M2 - 24.3 MP Digital SLR Camera (3 "Screen, Stabilizer, Full HD Video, WiFi), Black - Body Only * - Camera
From SONY (Designer)
Price: € 999.88
(As of: 2020/01/20 10:48 pm - Details)
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The previous cameras are of APS-C format, however, with this we go to a Full Frame format  We will see it more thoroughly, even if you do not worry if it is not at your fingertips. Unless you have thought (or already do) to dedicate yourself to photography in a professional way, this camera is not for you. You don't need to spend so much;). If this is your case, pay close attention, maybe this is your next camera, especially if your thing is to take action pictures and / or in low light :
    • 35mm full frame Exmor R® CMOS sensor (35.9 x 24 mm)
    • 42 MP approximately
    • 5-axis stabilization system
    • Ultrafast approach
    • Constant tracking
    • 12 fps (with Live View at 8 fps)
    • Shutter speed:   1 / 8,000 to 30 seconds
    • ISO 100-25 600 (extended 50 to ISO 102 400) It is best that the results with high ISO values ??are spectacular
    • Eliminates flickering of fluorescent and artificial light
    • Auto Face Focusing
  • LCD display:  flip-down (135 degrees up and 180 degrees down. Rotation angle: 180 degrees clockwise and 90 degrees counterclockwise)
  • 4k video recording
  • Slow and fast recording
  • Customizable buttons
  • Body resistant magnesium alloy
  • Dust and moisture resistant
  • Weight: 849g approx. (with battery and card)
  • Dimensions:  142.6 x 104.2 x 76.1 mm approx
  • Price:  € 3,675.00
If you want more specific and detailed information click here.
Sony ? 99 II SLR Camera Body 42.4 MP CMOS 7952 x 5304 Pixels Black - Digital camera (42.4 MP, 7952 x 5304 Pixels, CMOS, 4x, 4K Ultra HD, Black) * - Electronics
Price: € 3,675.00
(As of: 2020/01/20 10:48 pm - Details)
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What do you think of these Sony cameras? Have you tried any yet? Would you like to have any of these models in your hands? What is clear is that they have nothing to envy of conventional SLRs and that, if yours are action photos, you should not forget them;). Nor of all available accessories  . I hope that the update of this article has been useful to you, if so, I ask you to share it in your favorite social network. Thank you and see you soon!

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