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The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is an amalgam  of different photographic genres. It includes portraits, family and group photos, documentary, event photography and close-up images. Even landscapes photographs are included in the location is beautiful, or it is a destination wedding. This is the toughest position for a photographer. You can’t lose any photo or memory card. As a wedding photographer, you have to be careful with the photos as they are an important memory to someone and if you lose even one photo, you are in big trouble. It is obviously a stressful area for a photographer as it takes so much time to find clients and listen to their wedding wish list and deliver them work as per their wish. Here is a simple guide which will lead you to great wedding photography:


  • Assist the Pro: You should be familiar with the dos and don’ts wedding photos before you start shooting a wedding. First work with a professional wedding photographer. Get complete knowledge and then start your own wedding photography business. With increased experience, you’ll understand the different techniques, and you can even increase your wedding photography prices.
  • Fix the Camera: Before you start, fix your camera. Look for all the gadgets you need and pack them carefully — pack an extra set of lights and lens for an emergency.
  • Pack Sufficient Accessories: Being a professional photographer, you can’t make excuses for your failures. You should always be ready for unforeseen circumstances and carry sufficient accessories like extra batteries or memory cards. If you carry extra accessories, then you can easily manage the backup of the photos, and you can avoid data loss in any circumstances.
  • Don’t Plan Solo: It will be difficult for you to carry all the accessories alone and to cover a big event like a wedding you will always need a helping hand. You will also need a person to help you with photography lighting. Your assistant can help you by taking test shots and capturing the scenes you missed. It’s a good idea to ask a wedding photographer to be your assistant, and in return, you can be their assistant shooter for the next event. By this way, you can work with a low budget and get professional help from an expert and experienced wedding photographer.
  • Pre-plan the shoot: You should plan some extra time for this part of wedding photography. Take some different type of photos of bride and groom in an attractive location. You can instruct them for poses. You can also show them some manual to choose their favourite pose for their wedding album and then add them to your contract. Be patient with the couple; you may need to instruct them to click the best shot.
  • Capture the couple’s firsts: Though we know every photo is a memory for the newlyweds, there are some specials moments which the couple want to be captured. These moments are the first look, first kiss, first dance, etc. You have to be focused during these moments because they happen in a fraction of seconds. It’s better if you plan these moments with couples to get the best shot. Put your camera on high shutter speed to capture multiple photos and choose the best one from them. These firsts are an essential part of a wedding shoot.
  • Shoot the Reactions: The reactions of family, friends, and relatives are equally important. How they react on the couple’s precious first moments deserves to be captured. When you are busy capturing the couple’s photos, your assistant can cover this part. Tell your partner to cover as many people as possible as these are joyful moments and couples want these to be preserved to see later in their future.
  • Friends: The friends of both the bride and groom make the party lively. Plan some extra shots with their friends. Take some group portraits of the bride with her friends. Take time and make them give some girly pose to make the photos fun. Do a similar shoot with the groom with his friends and choose the best shots which will be a perfect match to the wedding album.


Group Shots: Every family member, friends, and guests want to have a portrait with the couple. But it will be difficult to shoot everyone separately. So it is a better idea to take a group shot. Manage the groups and take your partner’s help to align the groups. For a group shot, it can be a big deal if someone becomes unfocused or blinks. To avoid this situation, take multiple shots to choose the best one from them.

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