Changing the angle of vision or perspective from which we observe the world is always rewarding, surprising and even therapeutic. Something similar happens in photography, by changing the angle of shooting the image can take a radical turn in terms of attractiveness and interest. That's why today I want to show you the least used angle, the one that sometimes costs us the most. I'm going to keep you from thinking how to climb higher. Do you accept this challenge? The following photographs that you are going to see are shot from a zenith angle . This is from above, but not in any way, but at an angle perpendicular to the ground or the motif, from top to bottom. With the examples you will understand it much better. You will see that some of the images I show you are taken from an airplane, plane or similar. It is true that not everyone has this opportunity, but if you ever have it, in a plane, a hot air balloon, a cable car ... take advantage of it !!! Anyway, it is not necessary to climb soo high to achieve an interesting zenith angle. You will also check it with these inspiring photographs.


The stairs are a wonderful opportunity to shoot from the zenith angle. Square, rectangular or spiral, it doesn't matter, they are equally impressive. Do you have a ladder nearby? Well, you're up to the top floor!
Spiral captured by Unsplash
Another example, in case you still doubt
Stokpic's picture


When you walk through the city you will surely look around and even up, but how many times do you look down? Beyond your feet, I mean, have you tried climbing the tallest building, a bridge or a wall? You can even use the window of your house Try it is a fantastic photographic exercise!
And the waiter in the clouds
Urban lines
Zenith crossing
Needle change in Potsdamer Straße


If the shadows usually give a lot of play, I don't tell you when you capture them from this perspective (and more when the sun is low). The result is really amazing and even fun.
Shadows of Borja Rius


As I told you at the beginning, you don't have to get on a plane or the Empire State to shoot in the zenith. Moreover, it is not necessary to leave the house. Many times we forget the beauty of everyday objects and take refuge in the lack of opportunities to take the camera for a walk when we have great opportunities in front of our noses. You just have to know where to look from
Good Morning!
Everyday objects


It is not the only successful perspective, but sometimes it is an excellent option. I mean gastronomic photography . If you want to envy your dishes, help your colleagues who have a restaurant or practice with this delicious motive, try shooting from a zenith angle. You will be surprised by the results!


I love this perspective for portraits , full-face or full-length. They are different, surprising, fun, shocking. If you need more tips to portray, check out these articles .
Full length portrait
Portrait with impact


And finally, I show you what you can achieve if you are lucky enough to climb even higher. Surely the bug bites you ...
The beach
Bird's eye view
Aerial fall
And now ... to look down! Because I have convinced you, right? You cannot tell me after seeing these images that it is not a most interesting perspective! In fact, I think the zenith angle has just become your new best photographic friend. If these images have been inspiring or motivating, do not forget to share them on your favorite social network, Facebook, Twitter or Google +. Your contacts will thank you and me too Thank you and see you next time!

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