The most expensive camera in the world - almost $ 3 million

The rare 1923 Leica camera was recently sold at auction for 2.4 million euros, setting a new world record - this is the most expensive camera in the world. A private collector from Asia purchased (or acquired) a Leica 0 camera (serial number 122) at the 32nd Westlicht auction, which took place March 10 in Vienna. Only six bids were made, as a result, the final price reached 2 million euros (plus 400 thousand “premiums” - 20% of the commission that the buyer pays to the auction organizer). Thus, the previous record was reached, which was $ 2.79 - so much was paid for another copy of Leica 0 (with serial number 116) at the same Westlicht auction in 2012. A one and a half minute video on how the record auction went: Only 12 copies of the Leica Series 0 have survived around the world - from a batch of 25 pieces produced by the entrepreneur Ernst Leitz. and only three copies are in perfect condition. The cost of Leica 0 cameras has been steadily increasing in recent years. They sold for $ 435,000 in 2007, for $ 1.89 in 2011, for $ 2.79 in 2012, and now for $ 2.96 in 2018. “This is the highest price ever paid for a camera at an auction,” writes Westlicht. Moreover, the ten most expensive cameras of all time have been sold at Westlicht auction over the past few years. " “The record price of EUR 2.4 million shows that the Leica brand legend continues to grow,” said Andreas Kauffman, owner and CEO of Leica. During the auction at WestLicht 32nd auction, 91% of the 530 lots displayed were sold, and almost 100% of them included Leica products. Use the online HTML beautifier website to easily edit and convert the markup code for web pages!

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