The View Finder Of Your Eye

Photography is art or practice of creating durable images by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic films. In short, photography is a visual art form of memories captured in a frame. So that people can relive the moment just like it's for the first time. The primary characteristic of a photography camera is the focal length. Creative use of lens can give photography more expressive qualities which helps to shape an emotion through the viewfinder of your eye.


Social media has increased the photography business. Where everyone wants to look perfect in their Instagram feed and to make that perfect photographer plays an important role. Even in every digital business from event photography, fashion photography, wedding photography, editorial photography, stock photography, to newborn photography, maternity photography. This business has undertaken all and hasn't left any.


Wedding photography includes pre-wedding shoot, shoots for events like mehndi, ladies sangeet, cocktail party, and the main day marriage, post-wedding shoot, etc. In a race to have the perfect #couplegoals photos, people tend to hire best wedding photographers from around the world. These days pre-wedding shoot, which is normally referred as engagement short is on hype. It is a photo shoot that happens during the period of engagement which is 3 to 6 months prior to the wedding date. Though pre-wedding shoot has become a hot topic since it comes with expenses. There are many styles of wedding photography from which the bride and groom can choose according to the wedding photography prices and packages available. STYLES OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Traditional wedding photography
  • Portrait wedding photography
  • Natural wedding photography
  • Fine art wedding photography
  • Fashion wedding photography
  • Black and white wedding photography


Editorial photography can be seen from two different perspectives: legal and stylistic. Legal editorial photography is how photographs are licensed and published whereas stylistic editorial photography is an illustrative story or perceptual view of a story. Newspapers, magazines, textbooks, websites, etc. can use licensed editorial photos. Editorial photography also includes stock photography. Stock photo agencies usually have a disclaimer attached to the editorial images. In most of the countries, you are allowed to click anything you like from the public, but it is forbidden in a place like military facilities, power plant, etc. Places like Shutterstock, freepik are some of the biggest sources of stock photography online.


Urban photography is all about candids. Images are taken within the confines of built-up areas. Most of the urban photography includes architecture, candids from the streets, environment, conversations between people; it could be candids of dance, etc, Urban photography can be found everywhere. The most important thing in urban photography is your creative mind; it's how you can mold things into artistic form. Urban photography includes weather effects of a scene, black and white architecture, use of filters to give an effect in the picture, experiment with the lens, etc.


Aerial photography is a process of clicking photographs from an aircraft or other aircraft objects like a drone. Aerial photography is done vertically and obliquely.The most commonly used nowadays in weddings, movies, youtube videos, etc to take a wider and outer look of the whole scene. Drones have been the lifeline of aerial photography. It has helped in many types of research, to reach out landscapes types which are difficult to access on foot. Archaeologists enjoy the advantages of aerial photography as they are manifold. As large sites can be viewed accurately. Photos can be taken vertically for planning, analyzing and obliquely emphasize certain features.


Newborn photography is a new trend in this era. It all started with an iconic photograph of naked Moore, cradling her seven-month baby bump, was the most famous maternity photography. To celebrate the beauty of a pregnant body people are taking it to a whole new level. Maternal photography can be done inside in the cozy rooms or outdoors with the wide sky and in the arms of mother nature. Deep down most women want to preserve these special moments of maternity days. Maternal photography is all about posing, how comfortable and confident the mother is.Posing alone, dad with the belly, props, and accessories bring out the abstraction of the picture.  


Photography is like a key to the lock of this 21st century where everyone wants to be captured or capture everything happening in their life. So take out your cameras and start clicking some kickass photos.

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