After a brief parenthesis with the number "five", we soak again to combat the summer heat, are you up for it?


Every week I will propose a new challenge , it is a topic that you will have to capture in a photograph and upload it to the Facebook page of the blog, putting in the description the keyword that I will indicate for each topic. The subjects will be varied, from portraits to Macro photography, through landscapes, black and white photography, or babies. The themes will be proposed on Fridays , so that you have the whole weekend to work on them. You will have a deadline to upload your photo one week (one photo per participant), until Thursdaythe following week. On Thursday I will update the article with the photo that has most captivated me and on Friday I will propose a new theme so that you have all weekend to capture your images, and so ...

WEEKLY CHALLENGE 171: IN THE POOL (FROM 08/12/2016 TO 08/18/2016)

After shooting on the beach and in the water, this week I propose that you capture a pool scene. Again, in the northern hemisphere we have more possibilities, but if you are in the south you can also take advantage of indoor pools. You can shoot from outside or from inside the water , you choose. A portrait, an indelible memory, an interesting composition, a zenith perspective or a normal angle. Study all the possibilities that the pool offers you and make the most of it. I challenge you to exploit your creativity, you have an example in the cover photo and the whole series made with filling a pool. As usual, to participate in this week's challenge, upload your photo to the Facebook wall of the Photographer's Blog:  In the photo description, please mention the keyword “Challenge In the Pool” followed by a title of your choice .


If you are not a Facebook user, you have the following social networks to participate.
  • Flickr: accessing the Group Mural of the Photographer's Blog  and uploading the photo directly. Give your photo a title and be sure to mention Pool Challenge " in it.
Twitter: uploading the photo directly to Twitter with the hashtag RetoPiscina BdF Happy photography.


For those of you who are having a little heat, I leave you a gallery to refresh yourself : And among all these images I am left with "While the winter passes" by Gastón Villarino. I liked this photograph because despite not having the possibility of summer, of the baths, Gastón has managed to turn the challenge around and achieve a snapshot that meets the theme, and not only that, but it is a very suggestive image . It has a spectacular color that gains in attractiveness due to the reflection of light and water on the wall. That hypnotizing effect that we all know. It is a symmetrical image but not boring at all, because the ducks break it giving it dynamism and more interest. In addition, they are the absolute protagonists, these small birds have occupied the pool (while winter is passing) and dance on the water generating the waves that transmit movement. I like the shades of the staircase on the wall and how the hard light has been used to saturate the blue color and highlight the textures of the painting. Congratulations, Gastón!
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