This week we have a literary challenge, and it's not that I'm going to challenge you to write, but that the protagonists of this week are books. Reading and everything that surrounds books will be the theme that you should include in your photos.


Every week I will propose a new challenge , it is a topic that you will have to capture in a photograph and upload it to the Facebook page of the blog, putting in the description the keyword that I will indicate for each topic. The themes will be varied, from portraits to Macro photography, going through landscapes, black and white photography, or babies. The topics will be proposed on Saturdays, so that you have the whole weekend to work on them. You will have one week to upload your photograph (one photo per participant), until Friday of the following week. On Friday or Saturday I will update the article with the photo that has captivated me the most and I will propose a new topic, and so…


Reading is traveling, daydreaming, learning, enjoying, feeling… Each book you read is like living another life, feeling by the hand of the characters, discovering other worlds. I once heard a mother ask her son why she was crying if what she read was fiction, the child replied: "but what I feel is real." And that is so, you can read fiction or fantasy, but what you feel when reading is true, and any place and any time is suitable to immerse yourself in its pages.

This week I challenge you to capture moments that surround books or their readings. Try to convey that magic that captivates the reader, the smell of paper, the beauty of an edition, an unusual place to read, the most extravagant position, the most absorbed face in history... Perhaps you will find your image on the street, or in the subway, or in your living room, wherever it is remember to frame and compose well, and why not, change the perspective . As a good reader of the blog, I know that you will put our advice into practice and together with your photographic sensibility you will send a wonderful snapshot. I'm already looking forward to seeing them!

As usual, to participate in this week's challenge upload your photo to the Facebook wallfrom the Photographer's Blog:  In the description of the photo, please mention the keyword “Book Challenge” followed by a title of your choice.


For those of you who are not from Facebook, I have enabled new social networks to participate.

  • Flickr: Accessing the Photographer's Blog Group Wall and uploading the photo directly. Give your photo a caption and be sure to mention “Challenge Books” in it.
  • Twitter: uploading the photo directly to Twitter with the hashtag #RetoLibrosBdF

Happy photography.


Books, along with photography, are my passion. I can spend hours immersed in its pages without anything around me being able to capture my attention. That is why I want to thank all the photos that you have sent because, for me, each one of them is a gift, a little piece of illusion, of dreams, of stories to live and feel... I want once again to thank all those who week week you dedicate part of your time to make this challenge possible, because without you we could not continue it, a challenge without participants is like a rose without petals, or like a book without readers. And thanks to those of you who have joined recently, because the blog has reached 200,000 followers this week on Facebook. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. And I still fall short.

You already know that this is not a contest, that there is no prize, the best prize is learning and improvement in something that you are passionate about. The important thing is to participate, learn and get to know the work of other readers. The selection is totally subjective and it is to put a sample of all the images received, yes, great photographs are left out, but it is not possible to put them all... The thanks go to all the people who have sent us your "books", whether they are or not in this featured gallery.

Now you will wonder which one I prefer... well, I have to say that Mercé Ramírez Andrada has made me fall in love with her «Before sleeping, always read a little». It is true that there are adults who become fond of reading over the years, but the true reader, the one who almost prefers to read rather than eat, the one who always has time to get lost in the story of a book, the one who stays until dawn saying "one more page...", that is brewing from childhood. A book eater he is from a very early age, when he hides in his blankets to read his favorite story if he is asked for the eleventh time to turn off the light. That is where the true love for reading begins and that is what this image reflects. I love it for what it tells but also for the photography itself. Despite being such a daily moment, the colors are in such harmony that it seems that it has been prepared, and the light that bathes only what matters is great, just enough to "read" the story and the face of the child who is so involved in the story that nothing that happens outside of it can capture your interest, that's why everything else is dark, because it doesn't matter, because nothing beyond the book and its characters matters. Congratulations Mercé!

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