Surely you have heard us say more than once how important it is to give life to your photographs in some way . Because unfortunately, it is very easy to fall (I say it from my own experience) in disorganization and abandonment. But think for a moment, when a few years have passed, who is going to remember those photos? Who is going to dust off that clunker called a hard drive that may already be incompatible with new computers or with what is that we end up having in a few years? Printing does not go out of style(personal opinion ). Just as paper books don't go out of style for the many of us who enjoy their smell and touch. Today I want to lead by example and immortalize one of my photos forever, so that it does not get lost, so that it is not forgotten and, above all, to give it life and be able to enjoy it every day.
This time, I'm going to make it possible thanks to Cewe. Cewe is an online development service that has offered us to try several of its many products, the first one we wanted to test was the print on canvas. And I have already tried it and I have the result hanging on my wall. Immortalized Forever ;). Having said that, I am going to show you step by step, from the purchase process to delivery and the quality of the final print, with my humble opinion in this regard


As you can see, this is the Cewe home page. You have tons of options to print your photos, from paper prints to cases. Today we are going to talk first hand about one of the ones we have tried and liked the most. From the canvas. You will find the option to choose a canvas in «Pictures»> Canvas
Once we have clicked on Canvas , you will see this screen, where you can choose the system by which you will carry out the order. We will choose Cewe's quick workshop to create online, but you can choose to do it directly from your mobile phone or download its creation program.
Once you choose the Quick Workshop, this is the screen that will appear. In this step, you must choose the image you want to print on the canvas, going to My photos in the left panel and choose the image you plan to print.
This time we will just print a canvas with an image, without more elements, but I want you to know that under My photos you can add a lot of elements to the image and even the text you want, as well as vary the font size , type, color, etc. I show it to you in the following image.
As I have already told you, this time, I want the image without extras, so I simply choose the image that I want to print. With Open in preview , you can adjust the size to your liking with the minus and plus bar. We add to the basket, and we go to the next step.
Once the image is imported, you will see the resolution quality of the photograph you have imported. It is important that you pay attention to this point. Ideally, it should be good , otherwise printing will not give you the best results in terms of quality.
Once the adjustment has been decided, we continue selecting the format we want. For this we will go to Format , in the right panel. The image does not need to have an extraordinary resolution, for example, my image occupies 1.6MB. To give you an idea, many mobile photographs have or exceed this resolution, so if you are thinking of printing from your mobile or with an image taken with your phone, you will have no problem as long as the resolution is good. With that said, I continue to select the size I want. You will see that there are many formats and sizes, and that the price varies from one to the other. In this case, we will select a format of 30x40cm, one piece (a single image on the canvas), and without a frame (you can add a frame to the canvas, but the price will increase).
Once the format is selected, we check that the canvas size, quantity and price are the ones we had planned, add to the basket, and continue. Next, we see a summary of what we want to process: our image, with the quantity, the price (with the indicated shipping costs) and the format we have chosen. We can add another product from here or, if we don't want anything else, continue to log in.
If you were already registered, you will enter with your usual password. If not, you will do it at the moment, from this same page, choosing a contact email and a password. It will show you what you are buying on the left (I find it very useful to see what I am going to buy at all times, especially for clueless people ).
Cewe registration screen.
After filling in the data (only the first time you register you will go to the payment details, where you will select between various modes (Visa, Mastercard, American express, etc.), and you will indicate the shipping address and card number. At all times, you will see the details of your order in the left area of the image. Once the steps are completed, you will see the number of your order, with which you can locate your package and see the shipping status at all times.
You can print this page in pdf or printer and save it, but you will also receive a confirmation email with all the data at once:
  • Order number
  • Date of purchase
  • Way to pay
  • Delivery address
  • Billing Address
  • Product Details
  • Total price


Upon confirmation, you will receive another email when the manufacturing process is complete, which means it will be ready to ship. In my case, it took exactly 7 days to make it. After 7 days I received this email and the product invoice, also by email. Finally, I received the shipping notification from the transport agency that was in charge of sending it to me. Total time since I ordered it: 8 days. Very fast. The canvas arrived in a rigid cardboard envelope and protected with a plastic inside. I found it more than enough and it arrived in perfect condition.
Someone appropriated it without being able to object. For something was the protagonist of the canvas, right ?.


Cewe's interface seemed simple and intuitive. Making any order is easy and agile, which is appreciated. In my case, the entire printing and shipping process has been highly satisfactory, I have been informed at all times and nothing has failed. The shipping time has seemed record, considering that you have to print it, assemble it and send it, it is nothing, but nothing, wrong. The quality of the canvas is good, good sharpness is appreciated and the tones of black and white are very well achieved.


I chose an image that I really liked after giving it a lot of laps, but the truth is that I think it has too little depth of field to demonstrate the sharpness of the canvas. The focus is on the hands and the quality there is good, so the quality and sharpness is very satisfying. In short, if you want to appreciate the sharpness of the canvas, look for an image with more depth of field. Another tip: take care that your image does not have a very tight frame as in my case. Because the canvas slightly cuts the image and it may drown the composition a bit. You learn everything, as luckily I tried it first, surely the same will not happen to you . This is the image from which I started, I think the result is great.
That is all for today, I encourage you to try it, in whatever format and in whatever size, do not let your photos and your memories die in a corner, give them life! I hope you liked this article, but above all, I hope it encourages you to rescue your photos, print them anyway, give them away, hang them, make an album, wallpaper the walls ... Aissss We read in the next article .
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