What is in the Bag ?

What instrumentation to Bring whereas Shooting Wedding Photography

I get asked of times by wedding guests United Nations agency also are photography enthusiasts what I bring with Pine Tree State to a marriage photography session. I, usually speaking, have an equivalent gear with Pine Tree State in the slightest degree of my weddings, provide or take. I even have an in depth instrumentation list that grows longer whenever I purchase my monthly issue of widespread Photography therefore be at liberty, readers, to present any of the things on it list.


Camera instrumentation

First things 1st, I actually have 2 camera bodies. I solely shoot with one camera at a time; however I keep the opposite one around as a keep a copy just in case my 1st one encompasses a run, refuse to figure, get born during a athletic facility, etc. None of those things has truly happened nonetheless, however I actually have nightmares concerning them typically. I exploit a Canon 5D as my primary camera, and that I have a Canon 20D as a keep a copy. i really like the 5D, it’s an incredible camera, however because the 1st item on my list, I might wish to embrace the Canon 5D Mark II due to its lowlight capability, and I really like something shiny and new.


Essential Lenses

I invariably embrace my work horse lens, my Canon two4-70 2.8 L lens. If I had to settle on only 1 lens to bring round a marriage photography session, that might be it. I really like the wide angle for large cluster shots, I really like the great crisp pictures it produces and that I like that it isn’t therefore hefty and long that I can’t act with my subjects.

I additionally bring my fifty millimeter one.8 lens. I got this lens used from a classified add for $50 and that I have idolized it since day one. It’s such a good very little lens for such little quantity of cash. That being same, (and I say this with the utmost respect for the microscopic guy) the second item on my list would have to be compelled to be the canon 50mm one.2 L lens. I actually have rented and in secret sought after this lens for a few time currently. i really like shooting that guy wide open, and therefore the super low aperture suggests that I will shoot in darker spots with none fill flash! Little word of warning is that I actually have not been able to notice that lens used or otherwise for $50 or something even shut. If you want to own this lens, beware, he isn’t low cost.

The newest addition to my camera bag is my Canon one hundred millimeter macro lens. I love, love this lens. I will get wonderful detail shots of small things with it once I am doing wedding photography, suppose wedding rings and words on invites. It’s unimaginable.

I even have been well-known to rent the Canon 70-200 lens from time to time betting on the marriage I’m photographing. I actually have plenty of creative person friends that use and love these lenses, particularly once they do children’s portraits. i prefer to own it around just in case I can’t get near the altar throughout a marriage. I don’t use it typically enough to shop for, and that i will sometimes rent them from my native camera rental place for around $40 bucks.


Other instrumentation Goodies

In addition to those lenses, I additionally bring a Canon Speedlight 480 EX. I don’t use it typically, however it actually will are available handy in those low lightweight things, or times once everything is backlit. I even have a transmitter, which inserts within the hotshot on my camera. i exploit this to photograph the primary dance, the reception guests having fun, etc. i really like setting the flash au courant a stand elsewhere within the space and seeing what quite effects I will get whereas firing it from the transmitter.

I invariably bring all the memory cards I actually have, i prefer to shop for mine to carry no additional then four gigs at a time. I actually have a pathological concern that I’m planning to have a card go unhealthy or stray before I will dump it, and that i would a lot of rather lose two or four gigs value of raw pictures, then 8. Affirmative this will mean plenty of change and storing, however as I’ll have mentioned before, I’m a trifle nutty and this helps Pine Tree State sleep at the hours of darkness.

I even have a reflector disk that I bring if I’ll have an assistant to carry it up once I would like light, and carry it around once I don’t. If not I don’t hassle, though it will look like whenever I don’t bring it, I notice that I actually may have used it.

Unrelated to the camera, I additionally try to bring gum, some style of snack and water to a marriage photography session. If my assistant is with Pine Tree State, she brings water additionally. It is often somewhat exhausting on a protracted shoot and staying hydrous could be a must. I even have a pack of baby wipes, a pen, a pad of post it notes, and a few business cards. Once I found a “littlest pet shop” pet in my bag, and though I’m unsure however it arrived there, it helped to quiet a fussy flower woman after we were nearing the tip of the photos that day.

Therefore that’s it. That’s what I bring with Pine Tree State. You will notice that I’m a fan of Canon; however that’s solely as a result of Canon lenses area unit amazing. (I once closely-held a lesser whole and have become very discontented once the macro/micro button got stuck within the wrong position and there was no thanks to fix it.) The key to an honest bag of kit has things in there that you just area unit snug victimization, therefore apply and obtain smart at victimization what you have got.

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