When talking about photo editing, processing and digital retouching, Photoshop is the star program. But this excellent tool has a few drawbacks too: very expensive price if you want to buy it legally (or you expose yourself to infect your computer from viruses and Trojans if you download it cracked from a photo), very complex to use at the beginning, consume many resources of Computer memory, among other disadvantages.

If you are looking for an alternative to Photoshop today I bring you 10 Here is a list of 10 photo editing programs that are free, lightweight, and relatively easier to use than Photoshop.


1) GIMP: It is the closest competitor to Photoshop. It offers very advanced options and features, very similar to those found in a professional Software. It can be installed both on the computer and on a USB stick to carry it on. [ Download ] [ More Info ]

2) LunaPic: A fabulous online foots editor. In addition to a free set, it does not require installation or registration or anything. The number of functions and options they offer make it a very attractive option. [ Access ] 

3) ImageForge: Although it has a paid edition, ImageForge Standard Edition is available for free and allows you to get an idea of ​​the features offered by the paid version. Even so you can keep the free version and use it as a photo editing program by default. [ Download ]

4) Paint.NET: For many it is the best photo editing program. Its main asset is that it is full of plug-ins that give it additional features with endless special effects. [ Download ] [ More Info ]

5) PhotoFiltre: Free, very intuitive and with a lot of options that facilitate the editing of images saving the user a lot of time. [ Download ] [ More Info ]

6) PhotoPlus 6: If you are looking for something basic and easy to edit your photos PhotoPlus 6 may be the answer. However, if you fall in love and decide to switch to its PhotoPlus 8 version, you will have to pay. [ Download ] [ More Info ]

7) Photoscape: A very functional photo editor, well rated by those who use it. It allows to edit images, take screenshots, create collages, among other things. [ Download ] [ More Info ]

8) Picasa: It is the Google program for photo editing. It allows you to organize, edit and share photos in an extremely simple and affordable way for the most clumsy of users. [ Download ] [ More Info ] (One of my favorites)

9) Pixia: Although it is more oriented to drawing, its characteristics and ease of use make it a good alternative when editing photos. It offers a large number of filters and adjustments that will bring your photos to life. [ Download ] [ More Info ]

10) VCW VicMan: Another very intuitive photo editing program available to everyone. It is very basic but meets the minimum functions to edit a photo, rotate it, crop it, adjust the color and add texts and watermarks. [ Download ] [ More Info ]

They are not the 10 best photo editing programs, since we are each looking for something different in terms of editing and retouching photos, but at least it is a list that you can use as a reference if you want to start messing with the digital edition without having to pay high cost of acquiring Photoshop or Lightroom.

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