We have no money left over, and when we want to buy a camera we try to make the best decision. That decision happens, sometimes, to choose between a SLR camera and a compact one. If this is your case in today's article I will try to guide you a bit so that you can make the best purchase decision.


The quick answer is that ... I do not know there is no more accurate decision than the other for everyone. Each one has a particular situation and what is better for me is better for another. That said, I can tell you that to choose one of the 2 options we will have to basically answer 2 important questions: How much money do I want to invest in a camera? Generally, SLR cameras tend to be expensive compared to compact ones. A SLR will cost you from 390 euros while you can buy a compact camera, little known brand, from about 39 euros. You can find compact and good brands from 79 Euros. It is a big price difference, as if to think about it. What use do I want to give to my camera? This should be the reason of greatest weight in your purchase decision. It all depends on the type of user you are and the type of use that will be made of it.The typical user of a SLR camera is usually a photography lover, spends a lot of time reading about photography and trying to improve his technique, in fact enjoy the same or more technique than the photo obtained itself. He is a restless user, eager to have total control over the smallest detail of his photographs. He is a user who either intends to turn photography into a profession, or treats it with a true passion. Compact cameras, on the other hand, usually have a less frequent type of user, which shoots photos according to the occasion. Mainly his goal is to take pictures of birthdays, parties, hangouts with friends. It is a user who runs away from complications related to the camera settings, as well as everything related to the technique. It is a user who wants a simple and easy-to-use camera, a camera that makes decisions for itself and facilitates the task. The important thing for this type of users is the end, not the medium. Which of these two types of users are you?


There is no better camera. The best camera will be the one that fulfills the function we want to obtain from it. Do not be impressed by the greatness of the SLR cameras. I know people who have a SLR camera and yet they are not happy with it because it is too complex to use, in addition to its difficult transport. The compact cameras also have their drawbacks, you lose control over what you do, you get normal photos that are simple testimonies of facts and little else, the photo then serves to say "I've been there" and little else, don't expect to produce large Works of art with a compact. You know, before deciding which camera you want to buy, think about the user you want to be

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