When you enter the world of photography, at first you think that you do not take such bad photos, your people encourage you, tell you that your images are very good and you really think about it. But you start to delve a little deeper, to know the work of others, to see all the accessories that are used ... you come down and think that you will never get photographs as spectacular as the ones you see others do. That if you do not yet have a good team, that you do not travel enough to get exotic photos, that if what you have around you does not inspire you or deserve to be photographed ... Do you feel identified with what I'm telling you? If so, keep reading, because I'm going to show you that you don't have to have the best equipment on the market, or a studio, or an assistant, or go around the world to achieve your best image, perhaps you haven't noticed , but your best photo is very close and closer than you think. Many times we become obsessed thinking that to achieve a spectacular photograph we need, for example, to go to an idyllic place, with a wonderful sunset, with the tripod, two or three lenses and a lot of accessories. Well, nothing further from reality, look at these two photographs, don't they seem wonderful? Well, you do not even have to leave the house to transmit the tenderness and beauty that these two images transmit.
Alexis Martin photo
Mei photo
Both photographs shine for their simplicity, for the beauty of the details, for the light, the composition, the blur. Nothing else. I'm sure you can control those tools more than enough. And if you still don't control them, here are tips and tricks for taking baby photography . What are you waiting to practice? Ah ... now, don't you have a baby at home? That excuse is not worth me! You have a pet? Well look at these two images, how impressive are they?
Oziel Marchon
They do seem so to me. If you look, the impact of the first image is due to the fact that the author has not only captured the expression of the animal, but has come close enough to eliminate everything that is excess and annoying. The look of this feline and its fur are superfluous, nothing else is needed, it seems that you can touch it, caress it ... And the only thing that it has done has been to get close, to catch up with its eyes and make a good frame. In the second photo, you have also removed the background, but using blur. Don't forget that less is more. By eliminating all distractions your image wins dramatically. ( Here are some tips for succeeding in photographing animals and pets .) That you don't have a pet either? But surely you have a friend or a relative, or even a neighbor with hands. This is easier, right? Well now tell me what is stopping you from getting photos as beautiful as these ...?
Patri del Sol
Sullen Snowflakes
If you look closely, there is a clear harmony of colors in both. It is a very important detail to take care of. Sometimes we spoil an image due to the contrast of colors, or patterns in front of us. The solution can be very simple, move ourselves or make the subject move towards a more harmonious background. If what bothers you is the clothes, you do not need to ask him to change ... Change the object in his hands, it will be easier! If you are interested in the subject of hand photography, take a look at this post . Assuming you have someone to lend you to be your model (your pet also works), I'm going to give you a trick to get some wonderful portraits without having to set up a studio. There is a way to achieve an emotional impact on the viewer: work in high key and low key . I leave you two clear examples:
Seema Krishnakumar
Diego B
If you do not know how to achieve this effect, do not worry, read this Mario post that explains it step by step and very simply. Well, ok, you're alone or alone and you don't have a pet either ... but you're dying to take out the camera and practice. Of course, without going outside, it is cold or you just don't feel like it. You are not the first, it has also happened to me Take a walk around the house and look for an object that you like, a white cardboard or a smooth background and stand near the window. You'll get images like these with a standard lens (18-55mm in both cases).
Teapot by Caro
Tea glass by Caro
All these images can be done at home, on a normal day, in an everyday gesture, however, everyday moments not only occur in the heat of the home, every day we go outside and take the subway, or the train, or simply we walk down the street Look around you and look for the details that catch your attention, the scenes that surprise you or simply let your imagination run wild. The following image is taken on a subway tape. Such a simple idea and such an everyday moment but with a spectacular result.
Yon Garin Photographer
This image is also taken on the subway. Simply a good frame and black and white does the rest. How many times have you come across a similar stamp? Maybe in your city there is no subway, but escalators are in more places! Think of a mall, for example.
And if you live in a small city, where there are no escalators ... surely there are those of a lifetime ... Have you ever tried to look up (or down)? Or maybe laziness can and you always take the elevator ... Then dozens of images like this will have escaped you!
I hope that these photos have convinced you that it is not so difficult to find the time or place to achieve a wonderful snapshot and that you are already preparing your camera, if so ... I'm glad! Now I ask you for two favors, the first, share and the second ... show us those photos!
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