From the creators of Do Not Photograph Your Best Friend's Wedding Without Reading This First and The Complete Guide to Getting Started as a Professional Wedding Photographer (Step by Step) comes 25 Inspirational Wedding Photos . If you are in the situation of having to cover (hopelessly) the wedding of your best friends or have thought about launching yourself in a professional plan, you cannot move forward without being filled with inspiration. And I don't mean the one you find on flickr, which is often fine and some of these examples are from there, but you have to spend a lot, but a lot of filter and you can end up with an eye pain. I mean pretty, emotional, creative, original inspiration. It is true that there is now a very definite current in terms of wedding photographs that I personally love. It is a fashion that I hope will last a long time, because they are more emotional and spontaneous photographs, because I do not know about you, but some years ago it seemed like torture to see a wedding album (some still seem to me today) and, However, I am delighted with these others. That is why today I leave you with these images as an inspiration, that does not imply that you have to copy, none of that, but it does load you with all this beauty and creativity. Do you take a walk with me? You will not regret


Well no, not all weddings are in spring or with a sun of ordago. Some take place in the coldest season of the year or are bathed by an untimely one? rain. Which does not imply that you have to take refuge and look for an interior to take the photos, but take advantage of the moment, the snow, the rain, the wind, can give you unique and precious moments.
Singing in the rain
A rainy night in Paris
The queen of the snow


In the past, marriages would be arranged, but today, when some bride and groom get married they do it for love, and that is reflected in every gesture, every look. A wedding report in conditions cannot ignore those moments, such as those captured by Los Ruiz Producciones .


It is not always necessary to show everything to tell what is happening. Hint is elegant and subtle. An image that lets the viewer's imagination work, where everyone can create their own story parallel to the real one, while the protagonists maintain their intimacy.
Kiss in privacy Juno Producciones


I was recently moved with a photograph of a wedding. The funny thing is that he didn't know the boyfriend. It was the wedding of the daughter of an acquaintance with whom I coincidentally agreed just when I had just received the album and showed it to me. It was a hug from the groom and the mother of the bride. There was so much feeling and so much emotion in that image that I escaped to a tear and it is not something that happens to me very often and less if it is not people from my family or my closest friends. What I mean is that an emotional gesture is worth a thousand times more than a super-and-retouched-perched-in-the-prettiest-gardens-of-the-city. It is like that. And if not, tell me after seeing these images.
Pure emotion, Bossanova Weddings
The world is ours, Bossanova Weddings
The hug, Bossanova Weddings


What I like most about this most current trend is the spontaneity experienced in each report. There is a lot of life beyond the inns and the forced smiles of the lovers.
Stolen Kisses, Bossanova Weddings
Selfie with the girlfriend by Bossanova Weddings
The sister of the groom, photos and tears (Bossanova Weddings)


Do not be afraid to stand up to the sun. Observe the results of doing so. Surely you find your own way of capturing a wonderful backlight .
Face the sun
Silhouettes that fall in love


Have I ever seen a girlfriend photographed from below and ... the truth ... is that it is not very good, ahem, ahem. Changing perspective is something wonderful and necessary in photography, but you have to know how to choose the angle well;), as in these cases.
A risky angle, Alma Photography
From the right angle


Weddings are full of details that make a difference. Photographing them is to record the care with which the couple have prepared the most important celebration of their lives, is to tell what has happened and how in an elegant and subtle way.
Rings by Alma Photography
The Dress, by Alma Photography


Who said that at a wedding you couldn't be creative and experiment? Who does not risk does not win, the classic we already know that it works. Do you want to try new things?
This is also another interesting case, I put the link because it has low resolution;).


Did you know the power of windows in portrait photography? We talk about him here . A great occasion to use it.
The power of the windows


And we can't forget them. They are part of the family, much more than some of those distant uncles who are invited by commitment and who go reluctantly. Why leave them out of the album? The poor have enough to stay out of the treat
Pets, guests of honor


Some boyfriends (and guests) are the most jokes. Capture those spontaneous, joyful and fun moments.
In case he had not fallen enough;), by Juno Producciones
Always laughs, Juno Productions
I encourage you to take a walk through the galleries of these wedding photographers to continue collecting suggestions, while I thank them for lending us their photos to fill you with inspiration:
  • Juno productions
  • Alma Photography
  • Bossanova Weddings
And if you're looking for inspiration for videos, stop by:
  • Los Ruiz Productions
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