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5 Super Cool Shortcuts in Photoshop

Photoshop tricks


Don’t like a really good picture since it could still be made perfect? Only if the background could be a little darker or a little silhouette effect could be accommodated; the picture would indeed be perfect. Well, that is the exact reason why Photoshop was invented in the first place. Photoshop is technological magic that allows photographers to alter pictures, be it fixing colors, adding effects, reducing noise or fixing brightness/contrast. Photographers generally use the software for a more precise and well-thought-out photography backdrop.

In a way, there seems to be no more need for photography lighting since photographs can be so easily edited on these parameters. All the work that earlier used to take place in a photography studio is now being replaced by just a software. With the evolution of time, Photoshop was used not just to edit pictures but also to create new pictures as well as posters. It is a handy tool for graphic designers and web designers to enhance web pages by creating and changing images.

Need to Use Photoshop Shortcuts

With the increased popularity of Photoshop effect amongst common masses especially youngsters to make their pictures look great, courtesy social media explosion; everyone wants to use Photoshop. They just don’t want to use it; they want to use it quick. Hence, some easy keyboard shortcuts would be really helpful when you want to be the first one in the group. To post an amazingly stunning picture of your group on social media. It might seem a little too much to go all onboard learning shortcuts for new software. But, at a time when Photoshop comes as a savior to produce great images worthy of loads of praises on social media, then this learning doesn’t seem a tedious thing to do at all.

5 photoshop tricks

In today’s changing times, in order to be really cool and happening photographers, you might just not need to go to photography schools but also learn how to use Photoshop easy and quick. You might want to treat this tutorial as a stringent photography course wherein you get to learn tricks that come handy at the time of need.

Best Five Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Shortcut 1: Precise Zoom
    Spacebar + CTRL + Click&Drag

This keyboard shortcut is used to quickly and precisely zoom in and out of certain areas of any picture. This is highly useful in case of intricately detailed Photoshop editing. All one needs to do is zoom-in for required detailed work and then zoom-out to look at the results.

  1. Shortcut 2: To change the size and hardness of the brush

CTRL + ALT + Right-Click&Drag

In the case where you quickly want to change the size or hardness of the brush, all that you need to do is Right-Click&Drag Left or Right to change the size of the brush while Right-Click&Drag Up or Down to change the hardness of the brush.

  1. Shortcut 3: Adjust Layer Opacity
    V, 1-9, 0

Photoshop tricks

In order to change the layer opacity, press “V” to select the Move Tool. This will lead to making changes applicable to the entire layer and not to just any specific Photoshop Tool. Each of the numbers on the keypad is representative of the x10 percentage of the required layer opacity. 1 would correspond to 10%-layer opacity while 7 will make opacity 70%.

  1. Shortcut 4: Add Layer Mask ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + M When you want to save time and still add a layer mask, this keyboard shortcut is the way to go. This shortcut lets you create a new layer mask and embed it in the image as required without any hassle.
  2. Shortcut 5: Save for Web and Devices ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + S In order to save the final photoshopped images from being displayed online along with the correct settings, one must use “Save for Web and Devices”.

Get Started

Well, at first Photoshop must seem to be this really robust and complex software; but it is fairly easy-to-use as well as a great time-saver, if only one knows the tricky keyboard shortcuts. With these, you can be really quick at making images on Photoshop. These days wedding albums, maternity photos, newborn photos, event photos, jewelry photos or any kind of collection of photos; wouldn’t just involve pictures from professional photographers. It also consists of amazingly edited pictures from family and friends, courtesy Photoshop. Get these tricks in your kitty and go, win the Photoshop World!

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