Batch Process Your Photos

Batch Process Your Photos

Batch Processing

The Adobe suite provides Fireworks and Photoshop for batch processing the photographs. Batch processing refers to changing multiple photographs in one sweep. You may want to quickly crop your photographs so that they all have the same proportions, or resize them quickly to put them on the web. It’s quite possible that the action you want to apply to a particular batch of photos will decide which program you will need to use.

Batch Processing in Photoshop

In order to run batches in Photoshop, you choose File> Automate> Batch. The best thing about running batches in Photoshop is that you can create ‘actions’ which records the various adjustments or actions you apply to a photo. Further, you can use the batch tool to perform actions on numerous photographs. You can also use the batch process to add a logo to your photographs. Instead of adding your watermark to individual photos, you can save hours of time by using this simple process. Also, Photoshop has many other actions which are set in advance and you can use them for your photos; or you can use the actions available on the web.

Batch Processing in Fireworks

Fireworks is a good option for simple changes like scaling, changing the format (.gif or .jpg), renaming all the files or finding and replacing the text. Fireworks also helps with:
  • Setting Alternate Text for web use.
  • Rotating the image.
  • Converting the Photo to Sepia tone.
  • Converting the Photo to Grayscale.

The use of Bridge

Bridge can be used to select photos and then batch process them in either Fireworks or Photoshop. If you like to use bridge to view your files then it can be very convenient as well.  

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