Photography is one of the most exciting hobbies I know and at the same time one of the most expensive there is. Acquiring a SLR camera can cost you an eye of the face, not to mention all the accessories that you have to buy next, tripod, flash, filters, or even the same lenses that you need.

Fortunately, to remedy this situation Amazon and other stores are introducing in our country concepts such as Black Friday , which is already a tradition in countries like the US, and that luckily for many of us is starting to start in Spain little little by little

Those who follow me through BdF know that I am an absolute adept of Amazon: I think it is the only store right now, at least in Spain, that combines low prices with incredibly unbeatable customer service, not to mention deliveries fast they perform or the tremendous ease with which they allow you to make returns without even asking questions. All my photographic equipment I have acquired through this store, the only one for which I would put my hand in the fire as a photography user right now.

This year the people of Amazon have prepared a Black Friday full of interesting offers with products at prices well below usual. This year there are discounts that exceed 40% in some products, which applied to a product of 100 euros for example is a good money that the user can save or take advantage of for other necessities.

This year there is also an interesting nuance: the offers will not only be Black Friday itself, that is, on Friday, November 29. There will also be offers a few days later, until Monday if I’m not mistaken (what they call Cyber Monday go).

If you want to be aware of each of the offers that Amazon will be activating (some are limited offers that last for hours), access the page they have created especially for this event . Every little time you will see new offers appear. You will see that on the left you have a filter that you can use to select the type of product in which you are interested, that can help you show only those products that belong to a certain section if you want.

Luckily, there are many offers and discounts. But if you want to find a daily summary with a careful selection of the most outstanding Black Friday offers, a server will be doing that review for you and here I will be updating it on this same page.

I hope you find this selection useful.

Personal selection of Mario Pérez


Black Friday Offers in Photography

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Update: This year’s BlackFriday is over. Next year we will return to the load, but for now you can take a look at the offers and promotions that Amazon activates (throughout the year) in this section of its website: more promotions and offers related to electronics and photography .

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