It seems that you are looking for a good SLR camera with which to start in photography. This model has become somewhat obsolete, but here is the camera that replaces it. The Canon 2000D , you'll love it

Today I would like to introduce you the Canon 1200D DSLR , a camera that responds very well to the needs of the amateur photographer, with a performance that is not negligible compared to others in its range. The price also makes it especially attractive. If you are looking for a SLR camera to get started in the world of SLR photography you cannot miss this article.


As I just anticipated, the Canon 1200D  is an entry camera to the reflex world. What does this mean? That is designed and designed to meet the needs of those photographers who are thinking of acquiring their first SLR camera or for those who do not require professional benefits when taking photography. This model incorporates certain functions that will accompany you in your photo-to-photo learning, such as the EOSi Guide, specially designed to help you fully exploit all the features of this new model.
EOSi system for ease of use


The main novelties that accompany the Canon EOS 1200D are its 18-megapixel APS-C sensor (smaller than the Full Frame standard) and the new DIGIC 4 processor , which despite not being the latest Canon processor model, will guarantee you speed and quality when taking your pictures. While the amount of photographs per second that you are able to take is not dazzling at all (3 per second) you will be enough to travel your first steps in this beautiful world of digital SLR photography. The autofocus system of this model has 9 focus points , which will allow you a wide variety of possible compositions when making your shots. But if what you do not want is to complicate the existence and you just want to hang out taking excellent pictures, you can use the smart scene mode where the camera will be in charge of adjusting all the parameters of the shot so that you can concentrate on the creativity. Although it is not what I recommend the most, since I am not very in favor of the camera making the decisions, it can help you in your first steps as a reflex photographer. Of course, after reading the articles of  the Photographer's Blog, you will have no excuse to handle it all yourself. The screen also brings a small improvement over its predecessor the T3: this model incorporates a 3-inch LCD screen of 460,000 pixels resolution. However, it is still far from the screen resolution of the Canon T3i that doubles the resolution of the EOS 1200D. Perhaps where this model stands out most is in its design: it is really comfortable, compact and lightweight , so much that it will fit in the palm of your hand. The controls are at your fingertips and distributed in a very intuitive way, everything is where it should. In this way, taking photographs will be very simple and familiarizing yourself with the controls will not cost you more than 5 minutes. Its weight: 480 grams , incredible for an SLR camera, so much that it almost seems pocket sized.
In the palm of your hand
Advantages compared to other market models:
  • Very affordable price: approximately 400 euros.
  • Size: as small as the palm of your hand. Few SLRs offer this advantage.
  • Very light weight: about 480 grams.
  • Continuous autofocus on video recording.
  • Resolution: 18 megapixels.
  • Full HD video at 30 frames per minute.
Disadvantages compared to other market models:
  • To be a "last model" the amount of focus points is on par with much older models.
  • The screen resolution is significantly lower than, for example, the Canon T3i despite being 3 years more modern.
  • Your auto focus system, when using the "live view" (screen) may be somewhat slow. This is its weakest point.


Its launch price was approximately 500-600 euros with an 18-55mm lens, which makes it a more interesting option when updating or acquiring a new SLR camera at a really very low price. Especially if you consider that the latest Nikon releases (D5300 and D3300) for the semi-professional segment are much more expensive. Currently the Canon 1200D is in the 400 Euros. My recommended store is undoubtedly Amazon, where you can locate it for less than 400 Euros .  


Then I leave a small gallery so that, in addition to knowing its characteristics and technical specifications, you can appreciate with your own eyes the results of this small great camera:



The Canon 1200D is a DSLR that does not disappoint. Its 18 megapixels, the quality of its sensor, its ease of use and the very small and light size of its body make it an ideal SLR for the amateur photographer. If you find it at a good price, for 400 Euros or less , you have almost no excuse to run out of SLR. (You can find it on Amazon here ).

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