Canon EOS 4000D Test


Get price Canon EOS 4000D Canon at the end of February 2018 released two new entry-level SLR cameras - the EOS 2000D and EOS 4000D, which, according to the manufacturer, are designed for shooting without any extra effort. You can just point and shoot, while getting an excellent result.
Canon EOS 4000D / Canon EF-S 10-18mm f / 4.5-5.6 IS STM Settings: ISO 100, F10, 1/320 s, 10.0 mm equiv.
Today in our hands is the youngest model in the line - the Canon EOS 4000D . This compact and extremely easy-to-use SLR camera makes it easy to take photos that, according to a number of characteristics, cannot be repeated using a smartphone or compact camera. A large sensor of the APS-C format, interchangeable optics, the ability to use external flashes, and manual settings are also in favor of the SLR.

Appearance and specifications

The EOS 4000D model uses time-tested solutions: a plastic lens mount and the inclusion of a camera with the mode dial were used 18 years ago in the EOS 30 film camera, and the 18-megapixel sensor and DIGIC 4+ processor have proven themselves in the EOS 1300D model. The case of the EOS 4000D is made of matte plastic and equipped with a comfortable grip, thanks to which the camera lies very securely in the hand of a medium and small size. It is easy to manage, because all the buttons are available for the thumb of the right hand, which can not be said about larger models of DSLRs. The viewfinder is not too large, but convenient enough even for shooting with glasses. Its increase is 0.8x, and the coverage of the frame area is 95%. There is no smooth diopter adjustment: the correction is set to ?1 diopter. So if this is not suitable for a photographer with imperfect vision, he will have to buy an E-series interchangeable diopter adjustment lens for the viewfinder But in general, the optical viewfinder (OVI) has several advantages over the electronic. Firstly, it displays the captured scene even without turning on the camera and does not consume energy, which is especially important during long photo shoots and during travels. Secondly, the JVI more clearly displays the scene when cropping and does it without any delay, even during fast camera rotations. Thirdly, it shows a plot with real brightness and color reproduction. Fourth, the darkening of the frame that occurs during serial shooting is so short-term that it does not interfere with tracking the development of the plot being shot. 2.7-inch LCD has a resolution of about 230 thousand pixels. It is stationary and without a touch layer, so the camera is controlled only by buttons on the rear panel. The viewing angles of the display allow you to shoot with your arms extended above your head and from ground level - the image on the display is visible at any comfortable angle. In normal mode, the display shows the shooting settings - metering mode, ISO value, autofocus mode and exposure compensation. Live View (for cropping on the LCD screen) is activated by the button to the right of the viewfinder. It also includes video recording when the mode dial is set to the movie position. In the shooting mode, the navigation buttons are responsible for choosing the white balance, shooting mode, sensitivity value and autofocus mode. Autofocus points are also selected by these buttons, but there is no direct choice of the autofocus point: you must first press a separate button (its second function is to enlarge the frame when viewing it) and only after that use the navigation pad. There is no button for raising the flash on the EOS 4000D , so you need to lift it manually, as well as close it. The compartment for the memory card and battery is closed by a single cover on the bottom panel. Mounting on a tripod will only lock it in cases where the platform is too large. The main menu of the camera is divided into seven tabs: two for setting shooting parameters, two more for viewing mode, and three more for general settings. The volume and content of items depend on the mode selected by the drive. The menu is organized logically, all items can be reached quite quickly.

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