Canon EOS 60D


The digital SLR market is extremely young. He is only a few years old. But some trends in this market are already rooted. In particular, there has been a division into camera classes from different manufacturers. Each model belonged to one specific niche: amateur, semi-professional or professional. Until 2010, one could safely say even by one name of the camera, to which class it belongs. At Canon it was like this: three-digit model indices ( EOS 450D , EOS 550D ) are amateur models. Double Digit Indices ( EOS 40D , EOS 50D) - the so-called “semi-professional” cameras suitable for non-extreme reporting shooting, etc. .. And finally, cameras with a single-digit model index - professional cameras (EOS 1D of all modifications, cheaper “fives” - ideal for wedding photographers). The EOS 7D model also fits into this classification., although its appearance at one time caused a lot of noise (photographers did not expect Canon to release a professional camera with an APS-C sensor). But the new Canon EOS 60D, especially against the backdrop of the “seven”, no longer looks like a serious semi-professional SLR. The case has become plastic, the screen is rotary (which is much more common in amateur models), and the characteristics do not seem sensational ... So is this an unsuccessful model or a representative of a new class of cameras? Let's try to figure it out. Get price Canon EOS 60D

*** Main features of the model: * 18-megapixel CMOS matrix format APS-C; * Burst speed up to 5.3 frames / s; * Swivel display with a diagonal of 3 inches and a resolution of 920000 points; * shooting Full HD video; * plastic case; * Wireless flash control capability.

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