Today I came to tell you a little about my photographic equipment. Specifically one of its most important parts, one of my two objectives. I can tell you both that I have fallen in love even more, if possible, with photography. Can you imagine what they are? Well, one is the incredible 50mm f / 1.4, the one we call the king of the objectives and that has undoubtedly marked a before and after, more than in the way I take photography, in the creative possibilities he has given me. The other is the  Sigma  24mm f / 1.4. After spending many years only with the 50mm (when I was photographing in analogue it was my only lens), I thought it might be worth giving a new lens to my camera, getting out of my comfort zone and feeding my creativity a little. You already know that you have to feed him because if we don't sleep

Sigma 24mm f / 1.4 objective
So I started to find out what the objective was that I needed for the type of photography I like to take. I wanted something versatile, to accompany me in my gait just as 50mm had done so far. I also knew that I wanted a fixed optics (seeee I'm a little freaky  ), because since we get on, we do it well ;-). Taking into account that I like documentary photography, the landscape catches my attention , I take quite a few photos inside my shoots, and that I join a bombing (night photography? Why not? ), I came to the conclusion that the Focal length I was looking for was 24mm. Regarding the aperture of the diaphragm, after trying an f / 1.4, how could I not try to get my optics with this wonderful luminosity ? It is true that it pays (and not exactly cheap) but the experience (of the bad one) has taught me to wait for the time that is necessary to make me with good photographic material.
Sigma 24mm f / 1.4 Detail
Someone once said that  the poor man's money is spent twice . Or what is the same, it is better to buy something of more expensive quality, but only once, to skimp on something worse and have to buy it twice. With that I don't want to say that if you can't buy this goal even with a few months of savings, there are no good alternatives to much less budget. But if you can and it fits you in budget and aspirations, it will not disappoint you.


I have already advanced it a bit in the introduction, but I will try to develop it a little more. I have told you mainly about its versatility. Personally, I consider that as a fixed optic, 24mm gives me a perfect angle for many situations, because it is between 50mm which is what we consider the most similar to the human eye and a fish eye, which for my taste has too much angle and complicates the compositions in the type of photography I like to do. Its large aperture of diaphragm (f / 1.4) further increases this versatility of which I speak, since it allows me to photograph situations in very low light, conserving more than decent speeds at a reasonably low ISO. (You already know that the secret lies in learning to play with the different parameters of the exposure triangle : aperture of the diaphragm , shutter speed, and ISO ) It is at the same time important to emphasize that without this great opening it is difficult to achieve, with an angular objective, a reduced depth of field (little area focused on the image), which, as you know, gives a lot of play in photography.
Sigma 24mm f / 1.4 with lens hood
I also took into account the excellent quality of its construction, its robustness and high quality glass (FLD and SLD) that eliminates chromatic aberrations, vignetting and distortions to a minimum, its 9 diaphragm sheets (the more sheets you have the better it is, especially to make bokeh ) its weight of 665gr (which although it seems a lot, is very good for objectives of these characteristics) Of course I also took into account its very good value for money (the similar of Canon and Nikon are worth almost double) and the good comments and recommendations I read about it. And last but not least, I tried it before buying it, I weighed it, put it on my camera, took some pictures, and just fell in love .


Beyond the benefits that I can explain, these are its technical specifications Objective Construction:
  • Goal construction: 15 elements in 11 groups
  • Viewing angle: 84.1º
  • Number of diaphragm sheets: 9 sheets
  • Minimum opening: f / 16
  • Minimum focusing distance: 25cm
  • Maximum magnification: 1: 5.3
  • Filter size: 77mm diameter
  • Dimensions: Diameter 85mm x length 90.2mm
  • Weight: 665gr


Not everything will be compliments, it also has improvable aspects
  • It has no image stabilizer (although with how luminous it is, I have never missed it).
  • The approach is somewhat slow for the quality level of the objective.


If you are looking for something much cheaper and / or less weight, you may be interested in a pancake goal  like this one we are talking about here . It is a little less bright but weighs very little and costs a lot less, so it can be an alternative to consider
Canon Pancake EF-S 24 mm f / 2.8 STM - Lens for Canon, focal length 24 mm, aperture f / 2.8, black * - Electronics
From Canon (Designer)
Price: (price not available at this time)
(As of: 2020/01/23 7:32 am - Details)
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Since this article has a lot of personal recommendation, I have compiled some photos in different situations that I have taken with this objective: indoors, outdoors, landscapes, night, at high speeds, low speeds and different diaphragm openings. I hope they help you get an idea . Here you can explore more thoroughly what this objective is capable of doing in the hands of other photographers of all levels.


If you are interested in a good fixed angle lens, very versatile and with many possibilities in terms of photographic styles (night photography, astrophotography, events, landscapes, documentary, indoors, etc.), if you are looking for a very good quality of image above the comfort of a zoom or a lens with less weight you can add this objective to your wish list, because I do not think you will be disappointed
Sigma 24 mm / F 1.4 DG HSM Art - Lens for Canon, Color Black * - Electronics
From Sigma (Author)
Price: € 729.14
(As of: 2020/01/22 3:56 pm - Details)
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Sigma 24 mm / F 1.4 DG HSM Art - Lens for Nikon, Color Black * - Electronics From
Price: € 742.00
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I hope you found this analysis useful. If so, do not hesitate to share it so that it reaches the largest number of interested people. Thank you very much and see you next time .

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