Have you ever had a creative block? I'm sure it has, and if it hasn't happened to you, time to time. It is something we all go through, this is not bad, it is normal, the "bad" so to speak, is not knowing how to fight it. The worst of this situation is to settle in that block and think that inspiration will come, but the more dust your camera accumulates inside a closet, the harder it is for you to be filled with inspiration. With time you realize that in any discipline the fundamental thing is that the muses catch you curing when they come to visit you, that is, do not stop, that you take photos yes or yes, that it is you who go in search of inspiration and For that there are different ways to do it, in a blog article I gave you some ideas to get creative photos when you have no ideas, today I leave you XX creative photos of example to serve as inspiration. And this time in black and white, why? Because grayscale photographs fall in love , there are a lot of reasons for this, you may already know them and be one of those people who have been seduced by these types of photographs and that is why you are reading this text. Or you may have fallen here by chance and curiosity but black and white has not yet caught you, in that case, I hope that after seeing the images you decide to immerse yourself in this monochrome world. In any case, if you dare and do not know very well how to defend yourself in this field, you may be interested in reading The Complete Guide to Black and White Photography or any of the various articles that we have published on the blog with tips, tricks and ideas to photograph in black and white. Now I launch to "bombard you" with creative images with which I hope a spark ignites in that part of your brain where creativity lives and where the muses stay when they visit Images like these can be achieved without leaving home, look for elements with which you can make an interesting composition or models that lend themselves to play with the body. The results can be really attractive. The stairs seen from the right perspective in color can be very beautiful, but in black and white they are usually spectacular. We are used to landscape photographs being in color, but do not tell me that a long exposure of a landscape in black and white is not great, and more if you add the human element Negative spaces, natural frames, geometries play and have fun The textures work very well in black and white, as do the repetitive patterns that generate a rhythm in the image, here are two examples (above and below) Sometimes you just have to turn things around so that they gain strength and interest We have surrealism associated with painting or cinema, but perhaps not so much with photography. Dare to get images like you are playing with forced perspective. Have you never taken a double exposure photograph? It's about time! Do not panic if you do not know how to do it, here you have it explained in detail.
Mabel Lamour / Belma / ReineMab
You won't tell me that this picture is not spectacular! Turn your head and what you have in your house, the "several" ravings of each one can bear fruit A reflective surface, a delicate object, beautiful or with a suggestive shape and  voilà Blurs, fog, lights the city is a game board and the chips are moved by you. We have said it muuuuuchas  times, looking from another perspective has a prize Look for a theme this picture is called "Butterflies in the stomach", beautiful and fun, right A small source of light, a silhouette that tells a story ... write your stories with the camera. Low key or high key in black and white give you impressive results. Do you want to try it? You can also create black and white abstract art, here is a good example of this Do you think now that you can be inspired by seeing these images? Or are you going to wait on the couch for the muses to lift you from him? I dare to say that it is the first option and that you are already wishing to take your camera and launch yourself in search of black and white . Before running for your team, I would ask you to share the article on Facebook, Twitter or Google +, so we will see how more people are inspired by this fantastic gallery. Thank you and see you soon!

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