In the first version of this article I reviewed the best Nikon SLR cameras. Today it occurred to me to give a face lift to the article since many of the cameras I proposed in it had already been discontinued. Therefore, with the invaluable help of Alexa, today I bring you an updated version of what are, in my humble opinion, the best of Nikon in terms of SLR cameras. To start, I want to clarify that the best camera concept is a bit relative, there is no better camera like that without more. In fact, the same camera may be the best option for one person and not for another, that depends on what we each look for in a camera, our requirements, our budget, etc. That said, in this article I will try to group the  4 best SLR cameras of the Nikon house:  by price, by characteristics, by ease of use for the user and by my personal experience, or from close people I know:

  • Nikon D3500
  • Nikon D5600
  • Nikon D7500
  • Nikon D610


Let's see, then, the options we have:


This is undoubtedly  one of my favorite SLR cameras.  The Nikon D3500  is Nikon Flagship regarding reflex cameras initiation refers. An ideal SLR for the amateur who will have his first time with an SLR camera. It is a small camera, light and easy to use (with a guide mode that accompanies you in the learning process), but at the same time complete in benefits. Its  ease of use  makes it a perfect choice for the beginner photographer, in addition to its technical characteristics that place it at the level of top-level SLR cameras  :  with a 24 megapixel sensor, 11 autofocus points and 5fps, Live View mode , Full HD video recording, ISO sensitivity of 100-25600 (ideal for scenes with very low light) and a guide mode designed to help you learn to take photos even if you do not know the SLR world a priori .
Its price is one of its greatest assets. It costs some - , which makes it one of the most economical SLR in the market. If you take a look at the user ratings of this camera you will see that it does not disappoint.boderder-bottom


The step immediately above. Designed for photographers looking for a camera beyond the initiation phase. The Nikon D5600 has 24.2 megapixels of resolution, video recording in High Definition (Full HD), but in addition, 39 points of autofocus (9 in cross), it is distinguished by a 3.2-inch screen and viewing angle of 170º, which helps when taking a selfie , a family portrait, or simply to photograph from angles from which we normally could not see the screen.
It brings built-in extra functions that allow you to get more out of our sessions or photographic breaks: Wi-Fi, GPS, among many other options. It also boasts very good ratings from its current holders. In Amazon its price right now is  € 551.95


We could call it the most professional SLR camera for beginners. And it is that  the Nikon D7500 , without being considered a properly professional camera, is cataloged by Nikon as the most advanced of its SLR for the amateur user. Its features include its 20.9 megapixel resolution, its up to 8fps, its autofocus system of no less than 51 focus points, its ISO range from 100 to 51200, or its vertical flip screen.
One of the features that impress me most about this camera is the amount of customizable buttons it offers. In addition to the traditional buttons to control the usual settings, the camera allows you to assign specific functions to certain buttons. Why is this useful? Because it saves you a lot of time when activating the most frequent functions that you need. And last but not least, this camera records in 4k, which video lovers will surely appreciate. You can buy it right now for approximately € 1,155.44 , 18-140 mm lens f / 3.5-5.6G ED VR included.


In our list of the best SLR cameras Nikon could not miss any representative of the so-called FX format. FX format cameras are practically professional cameras. They have a large, huge sensor, similar in size to the film used in analog photography (35mm). The grace of these cameras with large sensor is that, in addition to superior image quality, they take advantage of the physical area of ??the lens. If the term FX didn't even sound to you, I hardly recommend this camera. I see it more for the professional photographer, or even for the most advanced amateur , who has been with an initiation SLR or intermediate level for some time now, and already needs professional class performance. In terms of features, it stands out in the Nikon D610 , as we said, its large FX format sensor, 24 megapixels of resolution, video recording in Full HD, 39 autofocus points, Wi-Fi connectivity, among other functions.
If you are interested you can get it through Amazon for  € 759.99 only the body.boderder-bottom


Remember that there is no better camera for everyone. There is an ideal camera for you . If you are looking for a Nikon SLR, your ideal camera is surely one of the 4 that I just reviewed above. The thing is to hit with that half orange photographic of yours. If you ask me for an opinion I will tell you that if you are starting in photography, you had not had a deal with an SLR before and you want something simple, but with excellent features, perhaps the Nikon D3500 is the best option in your case. If you want a somewhat more advanced SLR, the Nikon D5600 is another great option. If you are instead a photographer already started and looking to take a leap with your photographic equipment, depending on your budget the Nikon D7500 and D610 are your two options. I hope you found the article useful today. Good luck with the choice.

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