Get those Engagement Photos right!

Engagements are important and if they aren’t photographed with people posing properly then, they can end up with some awkward photos. And that’s not something we want people to have for such beautiful memories. So, proper posing is necessary for engagements.

You might have bought a number of flip books which promised you great tips on couple posing for engagements. But, in the end, they were no use. So we are here to help you out. This time, you don’t need to spend your money on unnecessary books which you’ll probably have to throw out. Here are a few useful tips which can help you take fun, natural looking and relaxed engagement photos.

  1. You should make the couple feel relaxed before, during and after the process of photography. Try to joke. Flatter and entertain them. Help them let their hair down.
  2. Make them feel beautiful; encourage them. A couple that feels beautiful together will automatically have great photos. If you think you have captured a beautiful picture of them, show it to them. When they like this specific shot, they will try to do even better for the other pictures.
  3. Don’t worry if you have to rearrange a pose. Even if you have spent time to get the couple into that pose, you shouldn’t use it if they are uncomfortable. If they feel uncomfortable, they will look even more uncomfortable in the photo. Also, don’t be afraid to try something new. If you put a couple in a wacky position, you never know what they might come up with on their own.
  4. Be ready to shoot any pose. Getting their engagement photos is a time when couples’ feelings of admiration and love are evoked. So even if you don’t direct them, they might sneak inside jokes, kisses and glances towards each other. This always makes better pictures.
  5. Show the couple how to pose. Wrapping your arm around the groom and/or the bride the way you want them to can help instead of waving your hands and giving them instructions about how you want them to pose.
  6. Get inspiration from wherever you can find it. For instance, you can try to incorporate some hugs or poses from chick flicks.
  7. It is good to practice posing whenever possible. This way, you won’t feel awkward when you are standing in front of a couple with a camera in your hand, while they wait for you to tell them their next pose.  
  8. Be prepared with posing ideas that you might have seen and always wanted to try. One day, you might run out of ideas and draw a complete blank when the couple asks you what to do next. So if you have posing ideas written down beforehand, then they can always come to your rescue.
  9. Bring your assistant with you. They act as your second pair of eyes and point out any minor thing which seems out of place. So if a pose doesn’t look good to them, they will tell you so.
  10. Have a great time! Make it your goal to be positive and encouraging. Show interest in the couple’s story.