Sometimes in life things that seem to be the most difficult turn out to be the easiest. It is ironic but it is like that. An example of this are the photos of lightning and storms . Many amateur and beginner photographers see it so difficult to achieve that they don't even think about it. Many ask the question "How the hell can I photograph lightning, how fast it is?" Taking advantage of the fact that winter and the time of the storms are just around the corner, in today's exercise I will show you how to catch storm rays with great ease, without the least effort and following 12 very easy steps.


  1. Nothing more, this is. You see how easy it is. If you want, you can also boast magnificent photos portraying the force of nature, the rays.Charge your camera's battery fully.
  2. Mount a wide-angle lens on your camera and set it at a focal length of 18mm or less.
  3. Put your camera in manual mode (M).
  4. Select a diaphragm aperture of a value f / between 11 and 16.
  5. Select a shutter speed of 30 seconds or more.
  6. Turn off the flash.
  7. Choose a "remote trigger" shooting mode. If you don't have a remote trigger, use the 2-second delay shot for example.
  8. Search and frame a good landscape. Take care of the composition.
  9. Put your camera on a firm tripod and make sure it doesn't move.
  10. Wait for a generous moment in lightning.
  11. As soon as you start to see lightning, shoot. It does not matter that just at the precise moment of the shot there are no rays, it does not matter, your camera will be recording the photo for at least 30 seconds, during which time there will be at least 1 or 2 rays.
  12. While that long photo is being captured, make sure you don't touch the camera, or that it vibrates. Yes, the photo will be fascinating but please contain your joy, if you jump for joy you may want to hit the camera unintentionally, and you will be left without a photo, and without a camera.
Did you like today's tutorial? Well, now comes the time when I ask you for two favors:
  • The first, that you write a note in which you put "PENDING PHOTOGRAPH STORM RAYS" and that you hang it in your room, in a visible place and do not remove it until you have done it.
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