We know that SLR cameras are not suitable for everyone, that there are photographers who have other needs that are more suited to the wonderful EVIL , so today we bring you one of the 10 best EVIL recommended by the Photographer's Blog . It is a Panasonic, the Lumix GX80. I will present it to you so that you can know its strengths and weaknesses and thus be able to decide if it is a good candidate to be your ideal companion to capture your best photographs.


Enthusiastic photographers who do not want to carry a heavy camera but also do not give up manual control when shooting. It is also very suitable for video lovers. The Lumix GX80 is ideal for landscapes and trips, also for fast and quiet shooting situations. It can also be a good companion in street photography or for photographs with high detail.


    • Sensor: Live MOS sensor 17.3 x 13 mm (in aspect ratio 4: 3)
    • 16 Megapixels (if they seem few you should see this , because if you are not going to make extensions of more than 42 × 28 cm it will not be a problem)
    • Live view
    • ISO: 200-25600 steps of 1/3 EV
  • Post Focus In the models after June 2016, a very interesting and attractive function is included, which allows the focus point to be chosen later. Very useful to make sure that the really important thing is focused, just as it is a great help for macro photos. You can expand the info in this video
  • Shutter speed: 60 - 1 / 4,000 seconds (mechanical shutter) 1 - 1 / 16,000 seconds (electronic shutter)
  • 8 fps (mechanical), 6 fps (with Live View)
  • Time lapse
  • Without a low pass filter, which translates into greater sharpness
  • 5-axis stabilization system in video recording
  • 3 ? touch screen and articulated vertically (upward tilt of 80º and downward tilt of up to 45º)
  • Electronic viewfinder
  • 100% viewfinder field
  • Several shortcut buttons and two control wheels
  • Modes: Programmed AE / Aperture Priority / Shutter Priority / Manual
  • Light measurement modes: Multiple / Center weighted / Spot
  • Timer: 2 or 10 sec .; 10 sec. + 3 images; timelapse
  • Bracketing: 3, 5 or 7 shots, steps from 1/3 to 1 EV
  • Silent focus
  • 20 scene modes
  • Photo Style: Standard / Intense / Natural / Black and White / L. Monochrome / Landscape / Portrait / Custom
  • Built-in flash With the possibility of incorporating external flash . 1st Curtain sync, 2nd Curtain sync (at slow speeds, to choose if you prefer to jump at the beginning or end)
  • Battery life: 290 photos / 100 minutes of video approximately
  • RAW
  • Video: 4k
  • WIFI
  • Dimensions:  122 × 70.6 × 43.9 mm (not including buttons and other protrusions)
  • Weight: 426 g (with card and battery)
  • Body: Magnesium and polycarbonate alloy. It is metallic but lined with a rough skin-like material
  • Good ergonomics, although with the drawback that it is easy to accidentally activate the touch screen


Its value for money is the first thing I can highlight about this camera Another very positive point is the fact that it eliminates the low pass filter thus allowing to obtain sharper images. We cannot lose sight of its rapidity of focus, the possibility of not making noise, the quality of video recording, the possibility of recording in 4k at 30 frames per second and extracting the one you want at 8 MP. Also highlight the amount of benefits it offers and its great post focus, that function that allows you to select the focus point later.


With this camera you will have no choice but to read the instruction manual. Bring an endless list of functions and the Tras-Ton method will not work as with other cameras because its interface does not seem to be the most intuitive. Another drawback is that the battery does not last long.


Surely you are wanting to know how it really works, that is, what kind of photos you can achieve. Well, I leave you a small sample, but if you want more, click here .


You can find it by Amazon at a price of € 445.00 I leave a video for you to know a little more.


As you will see, it is a large camera in a relatively small and light body. With many features and a video quality that stands out for its stabilizer and the possibility of selecting almost imperceptible moments in sight and save them in a size of 8 MP. With a comfortable ergonomics thanks to its touch and its renewed grip, we have little to say about this camera so you can remove it from your list. A great purchase option, no doubt, that's why we recommended it to you among the top 10 ;). If you found this article useful and cleared any doubt, I would appreciate it if you share it on your favorite social network, if we save someone else's time, karma will return the favor;). And if you've tried it, do you want to let us down with your experience with it? We will love to meet you. Thanks and see you soon!

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