How to Take Flattering Photographs

A wedding is one of the most memorable events of our lives. It is when two souls promise each other their lives. This is one of the best places to capture emotions and feelings. This is one place where the feelings of happiness, joy, love etc. are all in the air. To get the best photographs in a wedding, there are some little things that one needs to pay attention to. Whether it is the type of camera being used or the number of pictures you take, it does not matter. What matters is that as a photographer, one should be able to make the bride and bridegroom feel at ease and be relaxed while clicking them. You should be able to convey correctly the kind of pose you want the married couple to portray. That is just the gist of wedding photography. Some of the tips to take some amazing pictures during a wedding are:

  1. Learn the basics, assist a pro: The most important thing to do is learn all the basics of photography. Make sure you know about the cameras out there in the market and also the ones you would want to use. And if you are just starting with this genre of photography, that is wedding photography, you would want to gain some experience first. And to get that valuable experience, assist a professional photographer to a wedding, as practising your photography is better than just reading about how to take photos.
  2. Check your camera: Make sure that every part of your equipment is all set and working. Make sure your camera is working the way you want it to. Check all the lens and carry all the lenses you might need.
  3. Accessories: Make sure you have all the equipment besides the main camera that will be required for  wedding photography. For instance, to click group photos, you might need a tripod. Also, you might need extra memory and charge. Therefore, do not forget to carry spare batteries and memory cards besides tripods and lenses that you might need.
Besides these things there are various things that a photographer should pay attention to while capturing photographs at a wedding:
  1. Know the important moments: It becomes extremely important for a photographer to capture the important moments in a wedding which include many firsts. A one who does wedding photography should be able to capture the first look, the first kiss or even the first dance. As a photographer, you should be skilled enough to capture these all-important moments and you should be able to do it in such a manner that when the married couple or even their families sit and watch the photos later, the memories should come gushing back.
  2. Capture the happiness: Weddings, as we know, are occasions of emotions varying from happiness and joy to even sadness. Also, it becomes important to capture these moments where the guests are smiling, laughing or cheering on. This is the basic of wedding photography.
  3. Know your guests: This is a very uncommon practice, but the best photographers follow this in the best way possible. It is advisable that you make a list of all the VIPs who will be attending a wedding with the groom and the bridegroom. This is important in wedding photography because a person is more relaxed in front of the camera and hence more natural when the person knows the photographer personally or at least thinks that he knows him/her. Thus, make sure to learn to recognize the faces and the names of the important guests
  4. Friends: Friends are important beings in everyone’s lives. Be, it the bride’s friends or the bridegroom’s, it is very important that you make sure you keep a separate session for their photoshoot in wedding photography. This will help you get some amazing shots as the bride and bridegroom are usually relaxed and happy in close vicinity of their friends. Also, this makes the friends of the married couple quite happy and hence they too will have a good time.
  5. Group pictures: Since it becomes quite a difficult task to capture the photo of each and every guest with the newlywed couple, a group photo is usually a more viable option as it saves you time for clicking much more important moments.
Besides keeping the above points in mind, as a photographer, remember to tell the bride and bridegroom to relax in front of the camera to get better pictures. Also, make sure that a good light source is present to help you capture the emotions in the highest quality. This was just an insight into wedding photography. The rest is up to you. Good luck!

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