Do you just want to be able to take pictures on the street or in nature, do good, it rains thunder Not all cameras are resistant to all weather conditions, but not long ago, Pentax launched its K-50 DSLR , a small but rugged camera designed to withstand the weather and the environment. So, if you are an adventurer, and you want to get a camera as bold as you, you can not stop reading this article. Today I introduce you to the Pentax K-50, a powerful all-terrain camera.


The new Pentax K-50 is a true 4 × 4 camera as it was designed to be used almost anytime and anywhere, regardless of whether it gets wet, if there is a lot of dust, sand or moisture. Taking pictures in these conditions will no longer be a problem. Like its predecessor, the Pentax K-50 is completely sealed against the weather as it has added with respect to it, more than 80 new sealing points that, added to the magnesium alloy body, will ensure a robust, resistant camera, but at the same time very light. And if this were not enough, thanks to the stabilization system incorporated in the body of the camera and the automatic horizon corrector, you will be able to take sharper pictures regardless of the conditions in which you do it.


Despite being a relatively small camera for all the functions that it incorporates, and more if you take into account the weight and size of its direct competitors, nothing has to envy any of them. In fact, in many cases it even exceeds them. The Pentax K-50 is equipped with a 16.3 megapixel sensor that although it may not seem like much, when combined with the Prime M image processor, the results are surprising: it allows you to work with ISO sensitivities of up to 51,200 and shoot in burst mode, up to 6 pictures per second! Other outstanding features:
  • High definition video recording (Full HD) at 30, 25 and 24 frames per second.
  • Penta prism viewfinder with 100% coverage
  • 11 Focus points and 9 cross.
  • 3 ”LCD screen with a definition of 921,000 pixels.
  • Maximum shutter speed 1/6000 ideal for transmitting or freezing the movement .
  • Possibility of using it with both battery and AA batteries (using an adapter).


If there is something you cannot say about Pentax cameras, they are not attractive. Continuing with the personalization line of other models of this brand, you can customize the Pentax K-50 to your liking. You have to choose from 120 different color combinations to give your camera a unique and original touch. Before making your purchase, you can try the different combinations using the color simulator that Pentax has put for you. How? Entering the following link: K-50 color simulator .
They are not Nespresso capsules. They are Pentax K-50


  1. Excellent image quality: you just need to look at some of the photographs that I have selected for you at the end of this article, so that you quickly realize the quality of these. It is something impressive! Here there are no tricks to improve the quality of your photos , only realities.
  2. Wi-Fi connection: at the time when it seems that the cables begin to disappear, it is good to note that this camera is compatible with the Eye-Fi wireless connection technology, which will allow you, barely taken a picture, download it at the nearest computer or tablet without connecting a cable or removing the memory card.
  3. Continuous shooting: one of the characteristics of a camera that allows you to appreciate how powerful a camera is, is undoubtedly the amount of photographs per second that it is capable of capturing and, I can assure you, that the Pentax K-50 is Very fast: 6 photos per second. This will make it almost impossible for you to miss the right moment.
  4. Stabilization in the camera body: although this is a feature that can give the debate as to whether it is better to stabilize the body or the objective when it comes to reducing vibrations, the Pentax K-50 is stabilized, beyond aim to put him ahead.
  5. Sealed against the weather: this camera, being thought of as a tool for the all-terrain photographer, is sealed against the weather. What does this mean? That dust, water drops and moisture will no longer be a threat to the integrity of your photos (and your equipment) anymore. If you are an adventurer, this feature will come in handy!


  1. Without continuous autofocus on video: the Pentax K-50, although it may seem odd, does not have the ability to automatically focus on the video recording mode. This means that it will be you who must adjust the focus manually throughout the recording.
  2. Access to complicated video recording: finding disadvantages to this camera, it is so difficult that it is necessary to start spinning so fine as to criticize that, its video recording mode, it is somewhat difficult to access: put the dial in mode video + press the AF-on button and then press the shutter to start recording. While it is not decisive, it is good that you know it.


Contrary to what it may seem to you after having read all the features that the Pentax K-50 brings incorporated, they are not reflected in its price since it is much cheaper than its main competitors (the Nikon D7100 at 1,100 euros and the Canon 7D at 1,200 euros). Right now it is possible to get the Pentax K-50 at almost half the price of these.
  • Amazon: Pentax K-50 with an objective 18-55 Wr at 500 euros .
But keep in mind that, the Pentax K-50 is not only attractive for its price, but also for the amount of professional-level features it offers and for the quality of its photographs that, after all, is what really matters.



Not everything in the world of digital SLR photography is limited to Nikon or Canon. There are other brands that can equally or better meet our photographic needs: Pentax has proven to be one of them. Pentax, with models like the K-50, has ceased to be an alternative to become a reality. Reality that you can not ignore if you are looking for the next camera that accompanies the great photographer in you. The Pentax K-50 will not only be a great tool, but also a great ally. I hope that today's article has been useful to you and that, if you are the brand new owner of one of these cameras, do not forget to share with us all your experience with it.
  • Amazon:  Pentax K-50 with an objective 18-55 Wr at 500 euros .
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