Before getting the article: if you are looking for an online photo development service, from the Photographer's Blog we recommend CEWE . We tried several services and it is the one that has given us the best results. You can access the service from the following link . One day, joking on Instagram, I saw an advertisement from Saal Digital where they asked for photo album testers and there that I threw myself to try, because I was not at all convinced with the last provider and thus also encouraged me to finally make the album to My child that I have pending since he was born (at the blacksmith's house ...). Today, with the album in hand, I tell you my experience with them and my impressions. If you are looking for who to print your albums with, if it does not convince you with whom you work now or would like to try something different, stay, what I am going to tell you is interested.


I start with customer service because I think it is essential when buying any product or hiring a service, which sometimes makes you want to cut your veins (sorry for the exaggeration ). I have to say that I have not had problems with the final product and I have not been able to prove claims, however, I have had the opportunity to cross several emails with them and the attention has been impeccable. I tell you briefly, they gave me fifteen days to place the order with the test coupon and just when I had it halfway I was moved by a house and city move, so suddenly and with few days, you will imagine that I could not do it. I wrote to them telling them that I had not been able to place the order but that I also appreciated their offer. They wrote me, very kindly, giving me more time and, as I am a pupa, my computer broke down, for many weeks I had to work with a trained one and could not download the program. They had the patience during that time to be interested and remind me that when I had availability they would send me another coupon. Until I had a new computer (finally). I don't roll up anymore. They could have gone from me with the hundreds of requests they will have to achieve a "free" album and not be hanging around with me, and yet the treatment was exquisite all the time.


The download (when you do not work with a coated computer ) is very easy and fast, all very intuitive, you don't have to be an ace in technology.


I will tell you about the albums that I have tried, although they also offer photo prints (with numerous options), photo gifts, calendars, cards, products for companies or paintings. I opted for a digital album . I did not pay much attention to the difference between digital and digital XG (extra thick) and when I saw the Post Office package I almost told him that he was wrong, because I saw it so fine… Then when I saw how the paper was, I thanked him. I have to say that I like it better, at least for the album I created this time. The option of the gift box is very good for delivery of professional works, for the album of the first three years of my little one it did not make much sense, but if you make a report of a baptism , a communion or a wedding , it is something to have very much in mind When you enter the section of digital albums you find different products, depending on the shape and size: In my case, I chose the size 21 × 28 cm, not because it was in promotion, which was not when I asked for it, but because it was the one that fit me the most. I'm also glad of this decision, it's just the size I wanted. I chose bright cover, which allows you to put the cover photo you want, although for other types of albums you can choose between cover similar to leather, slate and many other possibilities. And I selected that it was not padded, because it was cheaper and could add more pages and because, personally, the padding, although it is more elegant, is not something that excites me and in this case I did not see it necessary either. At the same time you can select if you want to add barcode or not. For a personal album it is not necessary and you save a little money, if it is a professional theme and for sale it is an interesting option. Before continuing, it also asks you to bookmark if you want bright or matte pages, the bright ones are a bit more expensive, and I think it is worth it, as long as it is not an album for a three-year-old girl to handle, because yes, my idea was that it was her album and that she could enjoy it, so I asked for it mate. You can also modify these options on the fly while you are creating the album. You can choose between 26 and 120 pages, although you can add or remove sheets depending on the needs you have.


We enter a little more in matter. First you choose if you want blank template to mount everything from scratch or default templates with autofill option. Editing the album can be as easy or difficult as you want, depending on the time you want to devote. You have the option to make a random album , or create it to your liking . Well, this is nothing new under the sun, but this option is appreciated for people who are less accustomed to dealing with technology or those who do not have much time. I am more than currrmelo, in addition, it was to test, so I also wanted to see how was the process of "assembling" the album. On the other hand, even if autofills and you save time, you cannot completely trust the program, because it does not take into account the format and you also place a vertical in a horizontal and cut the photo for the least expected place, example of unfilled autofill nothing: I found an advantage over other programs or providers, you can sort the photos in chronological order . Given that it was a period of three years, this option greatly facilitated the task, if I had not had to do a previous job of numbering or similar. To select the photos you can do it in enlarged view, small or medium icons and list. It offers the possibility to show or not the photo title It tells you if the quality of the photo is good for the size in which you want to insert it or it does not have enough resolution, that sometimes we get excited and we want to put a photo of smartphone to giant size and, no… it is not a good idea . The manager notifies you in case you miss any;). What I did not like was that I could not change the photos from one image box to another, something that I had been able to do in other albums, I could only delete and upload again, it is silly, but if you are not convinced how they are positioned two photos and you want to change them, the change is easier than having to delete and re-upload, I put it as a suggestion of improvement for Saal Digital computer scientists;). On the other hand, it does give the option to randomly change the position of all the photos on the page. Edito: They write to me about Saal Digital to tell us that this option is possible and tell us how. You select both images with the mouse and the option to exchange or delete selection appears. (I have already warned you more than once that technology and I collided a bit, I apologize for my technological lapses ). Attached screenshot for you to see better.  As for the clip art , I have to say that there is a great variety, personally they didn't convince me much, but because I never like them. I prefer albums without cartoons or anything like that. I think that the prominence must have the photos and that these drawings distract and go out of style. But, I insist, it is a personal opinion, for those who like it there is a great variety and very different themes, come on, there are to choose from. Something that cost me was the theme of choosing templates . There is a great variety, in terms of shapes, number of image frames, with ornaments (easily removable if they have few elements), and you can select them by themes or colors, for example. Now, this issue got a bit stuck on me and I found it hard to find the templates, they didn't appear to me or sometimes I saw a lot of options and sometimes only a few. I don't know if it was a clumsy problem of mine, if the manager didn't work well for me or that there was a leprechaun complicating my task. Like you it seems very easy and you have no problem, but I comment in case someone else has happened and we have another suggestion for improvement. I must say that it is the only downside I have encountered. On the backgrounds , I am a classic of the smooth backgrounds, but I understand that sometimes another touch is necessary and here you have numerous options to choose from, plain prints, modern, classic, children, adults and whatever you want. You can also customize the color, enter textures or color gradients. The combinations are endless. Regarding the photo editing , it gives you the option to edit individually or apply the same edition to all images. You can apply different filters (don't think you'll find Instagram filters ), edit the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue; modify the opacity and size of the image frame; enlarge the image, reduce it or rotate it; Perform automatic improvement or include borders. I was surprised by the amount and variety of fonts available for text boxes . And what I did not expect was to apply spell checking! Aligning the image frames is easy with the marks that appear to fit with the rest of the photos. And finally, although it is very intuitive, in the menu above you have a "help" section, a quick guide to the operation of the manager.


From the moment I placed the order until it was shipped, less than 48 hours passed. And the package arrived four days later (well, it took me a little longer to have it in my hands because it caught me on a trip ). Shipping is done by DHL. The packaging is very careful, the album is wrapped in plastic to protect it from rain and then in a thin padded bag, all inside the cardboard.


I think they have very competitive prices, from 19'95 euros you can have your digital album, depending on the size and number of pages. In relation to value for money, I think it's the best I've tried so far.


I introduced camera photos and mobile photos to see the difference in quality and I have to say that both have convinced me completely. The only thing that in some photos I think I left, without realizing it, the option of automatic improvement and, of course, this increases the sharpness and with it the imperfections. The problem is not of Saal, but mine, because I did not have time to edit the photos, it was already hard for me to select them between the million and a half that I have to start editing, now it does not give me life, and when you expand these imperfections you can see plus. Beware of extensions and the option of automatic improvement (personal advice). The opening is really 180 degrees, so you can put a double page image without fear. Now, my advice is to be careful where you place the center, because, however much it opens completely, the line is not invisible (that is impossible), try not to go through an important area of the image, a face, the eyes, the mouth, etc., because, however discreet it may be, interest remains. Another point in his favor, the cover gave me a huge smile and not only to see my little girl's face, but also because I was finally satisfied with the result. With the last provider I was forced to ask for the last covers in black and white because I had two important clicks, they were hyper saturated and the imperfections multiplied by one hundred, there were many spots on the face that I did not appreciate on the computer and the color was so strong that it spoiled the photo. Luckily they were both a gift and not a delivery of a job to collect, because it would have been a disaster, even so, I was a bit embarrassed to give it as a gift, very disappointing. In this case I had to applaud with joy, just for this I already change with them. Print quality is very good and paper quality too. And the image is as you see it on the computer, neither lighter, nor darker, nor more, nor less saturated. In the photos you see here it is not well appreciated, but it is perfect! In short, I am very happy and satisfied with the result, they have won a client with me. And you, do you dare to try them? If you find this article useful, don't forget to share it on your social networks. Thanks and see you soon!

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